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5 7 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pretty much the only bad thing about my 35mm lens is that it makes for extremely awkward self photos. With my arms outstretch to their max, the end result is still a super close, strangely cropped photo. Guess you can’t have it all.

Ate the first snow cone of the season. It was “fuzzy navel” and it was delicious. If your local snow shack doesn’t offer that flavor, it’s just peach and orange. Get it. You’ll fall in love.

Turns out the Trafalga in Lehi is like, the dopest shiz err. Their mini golf is on the third floor, and it has all these walls and is maze like and has neon paintings everywhere. I lost though, which means I have to do laundry for all of July. FML.

Also, they have this bowling game that is just like real bowling. It even gives you tickets for your score! Seriously, it was the funnest ever. We bought some squirt guns with our tickets and squirted Trixie off the couch. She wasn’t too please.

We hit up McDonald’s afterwards, and you know how when you pull up to the window the person usually says something along the lines of, “Thanks for choosing McDonald’s, what can I get for you?” Well, we literally were waiting like five minutes and no one greeted us... Finally, Jake was all, “Hello?” and then the person was like, “Order whenever you’re ready.”
Like, we had been taking forever?! I don’t think so ho. LOL. We took our food to the three story park and ate it on the swing while watching little Utah county fall asleep.

Funnest night award.

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