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5 29 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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On saturday, we went shopping and I got two bikinis for Cancun! Seriously swimsuits are so terrible for me to buy. Anytime they fit my chest, they are way too huge for my waist and stomach! It's the absolute worst. Bikini's are either not my size or make me look like a porn star ha ha ha. 

However, we went to Dillard's and they had some beautiful, beautiful swimsuits! I got two and OMG I CAN NOT WAIT TO WEAR THEM. They fit perfectly.

Also, I found this camera on KSL for $25 and my mother got it for me for my birthday. I first wanted one after reading Abhaya's guest blog post on my blog! Her photos were absolutely beautiful! So, I went out and found one and can't wait to document the winter with it!

Have a lovely Wednesday.
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P.S. Tonight I will be going to The Postal Service concert! SO EXCITED.


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