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5 20 2013: gallery stroll

Monday, May 20, 2013

Friday night I decided to hit up Salt Lake’s gallery stroll. I picked up a friend and we headed up there. 

We ended up parking in the ghetto and walking past homeless people, only to go to the convention center and sit down on a bench. We decided to try to find a Trax station and go to Blonde Grizzly, because they have the coolest art. I looked up their current exhibit and it turns out it was something Star Wars, so we decided to go to the Photo Collective gallery instead. It turns it out it was right by where we parked in the first place, and it was super cool!!!

It was a loft atmosphere and there were lots of people standing around looking at photographs and drinking boxed wine. There was a darkroom door, but we didn’t know if it was decoration or not. So, we gave it a twirl and it opened up into the loveliness that is photos 2-5. LOVED IT.

It turns out it’s a place where local photographers can rent studio time and attend classes. If you are in the area and interested, I saw on their website that they are accepting interns. I haven’t found out if the darkroom is for rent or not yet, but hopefully soon! I can think of nothing funner than finally being able to develop again.

Have a lovely Monday evening, I have a surprise for you tomorrow.

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  1. Fabulous pictures! Just perfect!

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