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5 17 2013: film from dc

Friday, May 17, 2013

First taxi ride every my friends!! The driver was from India and definitely wanted to chat the entire ride. 

So, we walk into McDonalds in Adam's Morgan and start ordering. I order a "hamburger kid's meal, except I don't want the meat pattie on the hamburger". The cashier stops clicking her buttons and stares at me for a solid four seconds. "I don't eat meat." "So..." "So, I just want like the bun and the veggies and stuff." *cashier giggles to herself* "Ok..."
Like, I'm sorry, but have you honestly never had anyone do that before?! In all my years I have never had anyone act like it's weird to get a hamburger without the meat, because they all know the word VEGETARIAN. Some people make me LOLFR.

Walked around Eastern Market after breakfast and stumbled upon some pretty amazing artists. I loved this guy's work, with the rusted wood and all. I bought an absolutely beautiful print from some other guy. I can not wait to hang it up in the new apartment. I swear to you, markets and festivals are prime for prints and pottery. To this day, I cherish my mug I got at Salt Lake City's Art Festival last year. 

Before we went to museums all day... 

During going to museums all day...

After going to museums all day... 

Most beautiful walk way to Lincoln's Memorial! Seriously, I couldn't get enough. It was just so pretty!

So, our flight left at 4... and our check out time was at 12... and we were up by 9... So, we grabbed some breakfast at the hotel and then decided to just go to the airport since there was nothing else to do. It was the only time I have never not brought my laptop on the plane, and I regretted it so badly!! We were there forever, and so I just resorted to eating everything in sight. I ate a donut while waiting in line for security. I bought a pretzel from a woman who's english vocabulary literally consisted of "pretzel" and "thank you". We then went for a walk to another part of the airport where I purchased a Toblerone (for like $4 (cough rip cough off), I might add). I then ate half of the Toblerone. Then, we went to an airport restaurant, where I ate some fries and a caesar salad. After which, I proceeded to finish off the rest of my Toblerone. 
Grossest, right?! Plus, I easily wasted so much money on stupid airport food, just because I was bored out of my mind. 
LIKE PUT A TV IN HERE OR SOMETHING. I did play lots of Freecell though. My win streak is almost to 1,000. So, be proud.

Flying back was randomly the most beautiful sight. Look at those mountains! I love it when you can see the ground from the plane. Also, every time I'm on an airplane, I think about that episode of the Twilight Zone where that guy is on an airplane and he keeps looking out the window and seeing a creature on the wing. Lol. Such a great show.

But, I loved D.C.! And, it was so much fun going on one last trip with my mama before I become a wed woman!! 

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  1. UGH! You are seriously TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.
    Looks like you had a super great time(:

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  2. wow, that mountain shot is GORGEOUS! i always love being in the presence of mountains, it makes you feel so small in the world. and haha loved your taxi ride experience, they always are rather chatty ;)

    xo Marlen
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  3. Looks like a beautiful day in DC!! Love the pictures.


  4. I love DC! I used to live around there.
    Also I have totally done that with burgers before, but with McDonalds it's hardly even worth it. Hello one single pickle! Do you ever put your fries in there in place of the meat?
    I am following you now, woo!



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