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5 12 2013: realizing

Sunday, May 12, 2013

"We must not let our passions destroy our dreams." My passions were getting in the way of my school work, which leads to my dream of helping people learn to be happy and living outside of Utah. I let friends and fun take priority and temporarily destroy my dream.

"Almost all misbehavior and addictive problems arise from individuals seeking happiness in some form." I recently talked with a friend who discussed with me his reasons for hating material things. He hates them because people think others are more attractive just because what they have, and it's not what's most important. He then informed me that he was trying to get happiness back that he had on his recent trip. He was attempting this by drugs... which is a material thing... Darn happiness. Why are you so hard for some people!

"Craziness is only a matter of degree." We all have our thing. I can't share spoons, suckers, ice cream cones, or straws that have been chewed. I can't have my feet dangling off the chair in movie theaters, couches anywhere, or my bed at night. I can't drink after my brother ever. If there is one cup of milk left in the carton, I can only drink 3/4 of it, because the rest is backwash. I can't share toothbrushes or allow little children to kiss me on the lips.

Moral of the story. Don't let things you're into now prevent you from getting what you want in the future. Be strong and get your priorities in order. Find things that are positive to make you happy, and make sure they actually make you happy. And, remember, we're all crazy. Just in different ways.

Have a lovely Sunday.
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