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5 11 2013: sunsets and burgers

Saturday, May 11, 2013

beautiful sunset monday night from suncrest!

explored the city and took some photos of a friend!

absolutely perfect weather for our engagements

k. even though my burger was pickles and tomatoes on a bun, it was still SO DELICIOUS. new favorite burger place in the UC.

Basically life has consisted of amazing sunsets and Netflix. In case you're debating watching any of the following, allow me to give you my opinion.

Take This Waltz: SO DUMB. Like, the filming is absolutely gorgeous. It's beautiful visually, but Michelle Williams talks like a baby at least four times and I just can't handle that sort of thing. Ya know?

LOL: SO DUMB. LIKE WORSE THAN WATERWORLD. Let me paint a picture for you. Miley Cyrus (aka "Lola") walks into the bathroom where her mother and little sister (who is ten) are bathing together. "Lola" takes off all of her clothes and hops in the shower... Like, have I just been showering wrong my whole life or is that not normal? Grossest.

Safety Not Guaranteed: SO GOOD. I would highly recommend this. It's so funny and so cute. Omg. Dying. It's the cutest ever.

The Gossip Girl series, minus the last season: EH. Worth watching, but nothing can ever beat the love I have for Dawson's Creek.


Wilfred: DEC. It gave me anxiety. Also, all they do is smoke weed, so that's that. Mainly, I watch it for the grown man in a dog suit, but, you know. We all have our thing.

Like Crazy: MEH. The two main characters are cute. But, it's sort of a waste of time. Like, knit a hat while you watch it or something. 

Movies I started but stopped because I thought they were terrible...
Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, The Great Gatsby (the old version), The Awakening, Goats, The Imposter, The Snowtown Murders, and Haywire.

So. That's what life has become.
Please help me. Why are my summers always spent being inside and so unproductive? 

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  1. Oh no! I love Dr. Horrible! But I also really love musicals and looking at NPH's face. mm. How far did you get into it?
    Also I've been thinking of watching LOL but now I won't. I hate when that kind of weird stuff happens all non-chalant-ly in movies, and it's like supposed to be cool I guess?
    And I've had Like Crazy on my instant queu for forever but I've been avoiding it bc it always seemed pretty sad. I might watch it while I surf tumblr or something. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Oh lordy - we just got the free month with netfix but there is too much choice for us to cope with!! so this helps!! so far we have watched breaking bad - which seems good if a little slow. and friends with kids (is that even right?) which was aaaalright but had the worst last line ever!!! (that ive seen...theres prob worse!) but yeeeeah i think its just what young folk do....waste the summer days!! ok byes :) xxx


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