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3 25 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

I really wish I could anonymously blog right now, but those never get anywhere. So, I guess I’ll just shout this one out to the high school girls and give a couple words of advice.

Girls are not always your friend because of you. Lots of times it’s because you are dating someone they are interested in, friends with someone they are interested in, related to someone they are interested in, or somehow have an in with someone they are interested in.

Girls are often times selfish and use you so they don’t have to sit at lunch alone, or go to that party alone, or walk to class alone.

Girls will tell your secrets if it makes them look better. They will withhold information about your appearance if it makes them look better. They will take you ideas if it makes them look better.

Girls, basically, can be really vicious. 

I know this, because I had my fair share of girl friends in high school. However, I always preferred my guy friends over them for the above reasons.

We can get into some examples if you’d like. Let’s see... there was the time I had a thing with the guy who was supposedly “the hottest”, and somehow everyone wanted to talk to me and hang out with me a lot more... for the duration of the fling, of course.
Or the was the time I told my friend I had a crush on a boy and she went up to him and flirted his face off with me standing right there, and then went on a date with him later that night, and then called me to tell me about it. He of course was into her, because she told him she liked him before I could.
Or there was the time I was the permanent arm candy for multiple girls throughout my junior high days. It seemed to occur mainly during assemblies, lunch, in between classes, after school, and at social events.

Basic point: If you are in high school, make sure your friends who are girls are actually your friends. Please, please, please make sure they aren’t using you for your status, brains, car, friends, boyfriends, money, or just to make themselves look better.

Also, if you are constantly hanging out with girls, go hang out with some boys. They offer amazing advice on guys you are interested in, not to mention they are chill and low maintenance. The best times of my high school life were going to picnic spot, and the time we talked in my car until 4 in the morning with his friends, or sitting on the roof of the church with my other guy friend, or building Lego's, or coloring with magic paper and pens during fourth period in my van on the bean bag, or going to the mall, or the time we made some kid run around the park in his underwear. Basically, you get the point.
And now I’m doing awesome things with Yacob, and having so much more fun than I would be if I was hanging out with 7 girls. Maybe, it’s just a preference. But, I would rather cook pizza and go to Nickle City with my boyfriend and laugh for real, than do those things with girls and listen to the latest gossip.

Anyways, that’s the rant for today.

- - - - -

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  1. you nailed it. girls are so much more interested in my life when my hair is straightened, make up done and boy next to me.
    jc on the other hand is a sweet one. he used to be in my ward or i used to be in his, since i moved,,, (?). regardless, i remember him as the eye candy of the ward and he has always been the sweet one. not to mention that the cooper family is flawless.


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