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3 24 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013

sunsets and car crashes, like the song

Being Alone Over the Summer.
Before I get into this, I need to quickly express my feelings towards what’s happening in Gossip Girl right now. I am in Season 2, episode 3 or something, so if you are not caught up to there yet, please stop reading because spoiler alert coming your way. Cover the bottom of this sentence right now and don’t look past the rows of meaningless “xoxo xoxo xoxo” mmk?

Mainly I am really sad that Dan and Serena are no longer an item. I know everyone hates Serena, but I like her. Also, I like Dan as well and I loved them as a couple. Ah. Pain. Also, I am obsessed with Blair and Chuck. Literally, they are the best. Blair needs to gtfo the Lord and get with Chuck and then nearly every aspect of my teen-soap-dependent-person will be in peace.

Ok, moving on.
Over the summer, I remember watching the sunset alone every night and imagining someone watching it with me. I didn’t know any who I wanted to watch it with me, so I would just sit there and imagine the future and what I would do and who I would be and who I would hang around. 

I remember watching the sunset with a boy once, but I just wanted him to go away, because he was annoying me and didn’t fit the situation. I remember watching the sunset with a friend once, and that was actually really enjoyable, because we were on his roof and it was just peaceful. I remember watching the sunset with a friend who was a girl once, and deciding that with the exception of two girls, I always prefer boys.

It’s just strange, because in the summer I never would have thought I would find a boy who I could watch the sunset with. I guess it just goes to show that high school can really skew some perspectives. I literally could not be happier that I am out of there and away from those people. I mean now I have a best friend and a boyfriend all in one and I get to spend the rest of my life with him? Like, how awesome is that? High school Emmy would have told me it’s impossible.

Goes to show how much she knew, right?

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