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3 23 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

More photos from the cemetery.

Pet Peeves.
  • the sound of dogs licking
  • when people define words in their writing
  • when people laugh really hard at things that aren’t funny, such as lines in movies, things people say, or comics
  • when the word “button” is pronounced correctly, and without the Utah accent
  • girls wearing nerd glasses
  • tights worn as pants
  • drivers driving underneath the speed limit
  • when people don’t tip waiters or baristas adequately
  • blog posts directed at “you”
  • when older women make each other taste their food
  • customers arguing over who will pay the check
  • girls who act like they know nothing about everything
  • when people start to say something and then stop, and then you try to convince them to say it, and they say it’s stupid or unimportant and it takes forever to get them to continue saying it
  • when you are talking with someone and they say they have (enter number) things to tell you, but then go off on a tangent for one of the things and forget what the other ones are
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  1. You must not like Lemony Snicket's writing then?
    Haha, I may be one of those people that laugh really hard at things like that.
    And what the heck does "button" sound like in a Utah accent?


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