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3 21 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just some cemetery photos of a friend.

Soap Operas and High School Friends.
Literally, love Chuck and Blair.
What is it with these stupid teen soap operas that have me so captivated? I mean, I literally cried during the season finale of Dawson's Creek you guys. There were literally tears streaming down my face. Multiple tears. 

And now Gossip Girl. 

Pear haps it's catharsis for my non-existent teenage drama.

Well, aside from the fact that my friend told everyone I kissed my other friend's older brother while at a birthday party for that friend with that older brother sitting at the table.
That was cool.

Oh, or the time my other friend ditched out on our prom night concert plans to get high, and then lied about it and stopped talking to me a couple months later.

Also, there was the time me and my guy friends put my car in neutral and rolled it down the street so my mother wouldn't hear me leaving in the wee hours of the morning.

Also, I guess there was that high school party where they said there was going to be a hot tub so I wore my swim suit but everyone ended up playing beer pong and getting drunk.

Maybe, I've had some teenage drama... but it was all stupid. I'm ready to be done with teen drama. Well, unless it's Americano and her boys, because that's fun. But, once you get out of high school, the high school drama needs to stop too.

That's just my opinion anyways. 
People change at different speeds, I guess, and that's probably why high school friends don't stay high school friends.
Everyone's got to move on to a new stage in life sometime, though. Right?

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