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3 20 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From the day we made a pizza.

Starbuck’s Robots:
Also, let’s take a minute a focus on the Starbuck’s apron. Remember when I worked there? Yes. Me too. I absolutely hate Starbuck’s. It’s not because I’m hipster; it’s simply because it’s a terrible company. 

Example #1:
Customer walks in.
(greet them before they get to the counter)
Employee: “Hello! Welcome to Starbuck’s how are you doing today?”
Customer: “Good! I would just like a white chocolate mocha with non-fat milk.”
Employee: “Ok, did you want that hot or iced?”
Customer: “Hot.”
Employee: “Ok, and what size would you like that?”
Customer: “16 oz”
Employee: “Ok, would you like an extra shot in that?” (you’re not supposed to mention that extra shots are 75 cents) (also, every time i didn’t offer an extra shot and my manager overheard, she would have a five minute conversation with me about how to offer extra shots.)
Customer: “No, thank you.”
Employee: “Can I warm you up a cinnamon roll to go with that mocha? They’re supppppper good!” (likewise, every time i didn’t offer a pastry, my manager would whisper in my ear (while i’m speaking with a customer) “pastries pastries pastries”. like, seriously how annoying.”
Customer: “No, thank you.”
Employee: “Ok, that will be 5.69.”

Honestly, by that time the customer is sick of answering your stupid questions. I used to work at a smaller coffee shop, and the relationship with customers was so much better there. I mean you could talk to them about whatever you wanted, instead of being a Starbuck’s robot.

Not to mention all of the side work.
Whipped creams: you have to do exact ratios of vanilla and heavy cream. Then, you have to shake it 8 times. No, not 7. No, not 10. You have to shake it 8 times.
Pastries: You have to mark the time you put out new pastries. Then, once that time experiences, you throw them away. You are not allowed to eat them. You simply throw them in the trash, which is stupid. Also, when you put new pastries out, you can’t put them on the same plate as the old ones. You have to put the new ones out, and then transfer the old ones to a tinier plate and balance the tinier plate on the back of the old plate... IT’S THE DUMBEST.
Lobby slides: You set a timer and clean the lobby every ten minutes.
Clocking in and clocking out: If you are earlier or later than 5 minutes to you shift, it will not let you clock in. You either have to wait until your shift officially starts, or if you are late, you have to get a manager to enter a certain code... 

Basically, this post is dumb because me and Jake made pizza and it was delicious and life was cool and I no longer work at Starbuck’s so thank heavens for that. But, none the less, I shall never go there again.

Support your local coffee shops, folks.
Starbuck’s doesn’t even recycle.

- - - - -

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  1. Oh man, your store sounded awful. My older sister has worked at Starbucks for about 5 years now and as far as I know, she loves it. She's a manager/shift supervisor(?) now. But heck, she brings home all sorts of pastries! I was at her house for Christmas and she had a big bag of cake pops and bagels and scones and rice krispie treats....it was awesome.
    Also- these photos are the bee's knees. I love the first one because of the way Jake is smiling at you. too cute

  2. Oh man, that sounds horrible. I worked at Starbucks for like a week and it was never that strict. Just awful for other reasons. But agreed, local coffee shops are tastier 99% of the time anyway.
    Also, I still have my apron too and Jake and I make homemade pizzas all the time. Long lost twins ;)


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