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3 16 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have: 
1.) Finding out I have a mental illness, because then all my plans get ruined. However, my mother says I am past the age of mental illness determining... aka if I had one I would know by now.
2.) Open water. Like, being in a situation where you are in a boat/floating in the ocean and can’t see any land. Because something could grab your leg and kill you. Because of this, I refuse to go on any cruise (like, literally) and also cried when our plane experienced turbulence while flying home from Hawaii. Thank everything it was at night and I couldn’t see the water.
3.) I can’t think of a third, but when I was younger, I was always scared that there was some alternate universe that required a password to get in, or like some sort of sequence. Sort of like the bank in Harry Potter, where they have to tap the bricks in a certain order for it to open. Well, I was always scared that there was like an alternate world in our world, and I would accidentally do their password and be sucked into it. For example: If their password was washing your hand while thinking about making a tuna sandwich and licking your lips while wearing a blue shirt. Like, while I was doing anything, I would sometimes worry that I was actually doing something that would transfer me to an alternate universe. 
4.) I also used to be scared that there were people living underneath my bed, and still to this day I can’t have my foot hanging off the mattress. Sometimes when it happened on accident, I used to have to convince myself that they thought it was just a painting hanging on their wall and so they wouldn’t know I was living above them.
Weird kid, I know.

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