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Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 28 2013

Mainly, now that I am looking at these a week or two later, I am not the biggest fan.
That always happens though. I take photos and I semi-like them when I am done with them. Then, I look at them later and I’m all... “WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING, THAT LOOKS TERRIBLE!”

If someone could teach me how to edit photos the way tumblr does, with them being all woodsy and vintagey and beautifully colored, that would be much appreciated.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3 27 2013

Photos from the day we explored Little Cottonwood Canyon. 

I just love canyons. All the trees. All the life. The smell. The feeling of being enveloped by trees and hills and nature. It's just so, calming. Like, there's nothing there that can bother you. No one can contact you because you don't have service. No one can bother you because there are a shiz ton of camp sites. I don't know. It's just quite lovely.

Hopefully this summer can consist of lots of camping in beautiful places.
Cross your fingers, blogosphere.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3 26 2013

Well, apparently my past posts got deleted somehow, so instead I will leave you with some poetry I found from high school.

Grow your own heart.
Soak it in gold.
Lock it away. 
Do what you’re told.

Make your own soul. 
Inhale bright blue.
Savor the scene.
Forget what to do.

Raise your own eyes.
Spill out the pain.
Retry just once.
See what you gain.

Write down your words.
Let hands unwind.
Lose haunting fear.
Maybe they’ll mind.

- - - - -

Monday, March 25, 2013

3 25 2013

I really wish I could anonymously blog right now, but those never get anywhere. So, I guess I’ll just shout this one out to the high school girls and give a couple words of advice.

Girls are not always your friend because of you. Lots of times it’s because you are dating someone they are interested in, friends with someone they are interested in, related to someone they are interested in, or somehow have an in with someone they are interested in.

Girls are often times selfish and use you so they don’t have to sit at lunch alone, or go to that party alone, or walk to class alone.

Girls will tell your secrets if it makes them look better. They will withhold information about your appearance if it makes them look better. They will take you ideas if it makes them look better.

Girls, basically, can be really vicious. 

I know this, because I had my fair share of girl friends in high school. However, I always preferred my guy friends over them for the above reasons.

We can get into some examples if you’d like. Let’s see... there was the time I had a thing with the guy who was supposedly “the hottest”, and somehow everyone wanted to talk to me and hang out with me a lot more... for the duration of the fling, of course.
Or the was the time I told my friend I had a crush on a boy and she went up to him and flirted his face off with me standing right there, and then went on a date with him later that night, and then called me to tell me about it. He of course was into her, because she told him she liked him before I could.
Or there was the time I was the permanent arm candy for multiple girls throughout my junior high days. It seemed to occur mainly during assemblies, lunch, in between classes, after school, and at social events.

Basic point: If you are in high school, make sure your friends who are girls are actually your friends. Please, please, please make sure they aren’t using you for your status, brains, car, friends, boyfriends, money, or just to make themselves look better.

Also, if you are constantly hanging out with girls, go hang out with some boys. They offer amazing advice on guys you are interested in, not to mention they are chill and low maintenance. The best times of my high school life were going to picnic spot, and the time we talked in my car until 4 in the morning with his friends, or sitting on the roof of the church with my other guy friend, or building Lego's, or coloring with magic paper and pens during fourth period in my van on the bean bag, or going to the mall, or the time we made some kid run around the park in his underwear. Basically, you get the point.
And now I’m doing awesome things with Yacob, and having so much more fun than I would be if I was hanging out with 7 girls. Maybe, it’s just a preference. But, I would rather cook pizza and go to Nickle City with my boyfriend and laugh for real, than do those things with girls and listen to the latest gossip.

Anyways, that’s the rant for today.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

3 24 2013

sunsets and car crashes, like the song

Being Alone Over the Summer.
Before I get into this, I need to quickly express my feelings towards what’s happening in Gossip Girl right now. I am in Season 2, episode 3 or something, so if you are not caught up to there yet, please stop reading because spoiler alert coming your way. Cover the bottom of this sentence right now and don’t look past the rows of meaningless “xoxo xoxo xoxo” mmk?

Mainly I am really sad that Dan and Serena are no longer an item. I know everyone hates Serena, but I like her. Also, I like Dan as well and I loved them as a couple. Ah. Pain. Also, I am obsessed with Blair and Chuck. Literally, they are the best. Blair needs to gtfo the Lord and get with Chuck and then nearly every aspect of my teen-soap-dependent-person will be in peace.

Ok, moving on.
Over the summer, I remember watching the sunset alone every night and imagining someone watching it with me. I didn’t know any who I wanted to watch it with me, so I would just sit there and imagine the future and what I would do and who I would be and who I would hang around. 

I remember watching the sunset with a boy once, but I just wanted him to go away, because he was annoying me and didn’t fit the situation. I remember watching the sunset with a friend once, and that was actually really enjoyable, because we were on his roof and it was just peaceful. I remember watching the sunset with a friend who was a girl once, and deciding that with the exception of two girls, I always prefer boys.

It’s just strange, because in the summer I never would have thought I would find a boy who I could watch the sunset with. I guess it just goes to show that high school can really skew some perspectives. I literally could not be happier that I am out of there and away from those people. I mean now I have a best friend and a boyfriend all in one and I get to spend the rest of my life with him? Like, how awesome is that? High school Emmy would have told me it’s impossible.

Goes to show how much she knew, right?

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

3 23 2013

More photos from the cemetery.

Pet Peeves.
  • the sound of dogs licking
  • when people define words in their writing
  • when people laugh really hard at things that aren’t funny, such as lines in movies, things people say, or comics
  • when the word “button” is pronounced correctly, and without the Utah accent
  • girls wearing nerd glasses
  • tights worn as pants
  • drivers driving underneath the speed limit
  • when people don’t tip waiters or baristas adequately
  • blog posts directed at “you”
  • when older women make each other taste their food
  • customers arguing over who will pay the check
  • girls who act like they know nothing about everything
  • when people start to say something and then stop, and then you try to convince them to say it, and they say it’s stupid or unimportant and it takes forever to get them to continue saying it
  • when you are talking with someone and they say they have (enter number) things to tell you, but then go off on a tangent for one of the things and forget what the other ones are
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Friday, March 22, 2013

3 22 2013

Photos from the cemetery.

Things that make me happy and dream jobs.
1.) JC
2.) Trixie
3.) baby animal videos
4.) rain/snow
5.) something that’s getting custom made
Counseling adolescents/teenagers/children. I feel like they are in need of direction and very moldable. Also, any hope for the future of the world lays in them. They haven’t gotten set in their ways, so they are still able to form new habits and get a new lifestyle. I think that’s definitely possible when you’re older, but it’s a bit harder. Your brain isn’t growing and you are a more defined person when you are older, so that’s why I would like to change their undesirable behavior when they are younger. Catch ‘em while they’re young, I suppose. I would like to focus on substance abuse, or eating disorders, or self-harm. That sort of scene. I feel like those are issues that the child is doing because they are lashing out, because of some other issue. Anyways, I’m not very far into my major, so maybe I’ll change my mind. But, that’s what I would like to do, and that is my dream job.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

3 21 2013

Just some cemetery photos of a friend.

Soap Operas and High School Friends.
Literally, love Chuck and Blair.
What is it with these stupid teen soap operas that have me so captivated? I mean, I literally cried during the season finale of Dawson's Creek you guys. There were literally tears streaming down my face. Multiple tears. 

And now Gossip Girl. 

Pear haps it's catharsis for my non-existent teenage drama.

Well, aside from the fact that my friend told everyone I kissed my other friend's older brother while at a birthday party for that friend with that older brother sitting at the table.
That was cool.

Oh, or the time my other friend ditched out on our prom night concert plans to get high, and then lied about it and stopped talking to me a couple months later.

Also, there was the time me and my guy friends put my car in neutral and rolled it down the street so my mother wouldn't hear me leaving in the wee hours of the morning.

Also, I guess there was that high school party where they said there was going to be a hot tub so I wore my swim suit but everyone ended up playing beer pong and getting drunk.

Maybe, I've had some teenage drama... but it was all stupid. I'm ready to be done with teen drama. Well, unless it's Americano and her boys, because that's fun. But, once you get out of high school, the high school drama needs to stop too.

That's just my opinion anyways. 
People change at different speeds, I guess, and that's probably why high school friends don't stay high school friends.
Everyone's got to move on to a new stage in life sometime, though. Right?

- - - - -

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