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i'm going to lose all my followers for this

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Let's be honest here, just for a second.

I am a broke, 19 year old girl who does the same three things everyday.
1.) Go to work.
2.) Go to school.
3.) Hang out with JC.

Really. There's not much more than that. My life is pretty boring, so I don't take any photos anymore.
I just don't feel like I'm doing anything anyone wants to see.

Also, pretty sure no one even reads this except for 3 people.

Probably I'll only post lame things from here on out. Such as photos of the BF. Photos taken from my car. Photos of my food. Photos of parts of my clothes.
Just stupid, stupid things that should never be seen by anyone's eyes.
They will contain words summarizing the day, or ranting about this consumeristic society we are constantly surrounded by.

Nothing you'll ever want to read.

The title of this blog is "a diary". And that is exactly what it is going to start being. I apologize in advanced if I TMI you out of this world, or ramble out something meaningless.
Just go ahead and unfollow right now. You're doing yourself a favor.

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