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life: 1 4 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013


Sensuous Sandwich

40 tickets for destroying the mothership!
redoing New Years, because I fell asleep

toasting to Trixie's limping leg

Also, it’s strange because I’m still making terrible decisions, but at this point it’s like this plague that’s taking over my life and ruining my ability to spell specific words such as “convenient” and “restaurant”, and also increasing my anxiety and desire to organize. I’ve completed some Pinterest tutorials, but I’m still spiraling towards a $2,520 debt and that’s not the ideal situation.

Like the Taco Bell sauce packets say though, “If you never do, you’ll never know”. I mainly know now and mainly I want school back, because my hands are getting shaky as of late and that makes it really hard to hold a paint brush.

Also, it’s probably because I wish I was Amelie Poulain because then the world would look really beautiful and that would be great. Instead, though, I’ll find the people who make the world look beautiful, like Autumn and Jake and my mom and Andrew and Carissa, because that’s just as good as serving Cognac to a man with a tape recorder.

I guess it’s what you make it. Like, for real. Who knew.


  1. kitten, you're a good soul.
    also, jealous that you went to an arcade of some sort.



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