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1 5 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Now I’m swallowing some Motrin and drinking out of a plastic Pepper Pals cup. Alliterations are happening accidentally and for some reason #14 is hurting, even though it shouldn’t be. Maybe it’s because it’s remembering 7th grade lunches or 9th grade lunches or 10th grade lunches. But, probably not, because honestly high school doesn’t matter at all. Not a lot of people know that. 

High school mattered for the gpa, but that’s pretty much it. High school friends stayed in high school and missed experiences still are not being regretted. Mainly I just miss the teachers, because let’s be honest here: they’re the only ones who made a difference in our lives.

High school was good for the friends, but now they are doing drugs or having sex with multiple people they don’t know or not talking to me or out of state. Life long? Life less? I’m not really sure. I think it was good, though. Meeting all of them. But, they didn’t affect me. Not like people now are affecting me. Not like JC affects me. Or my mother. Or that girl on my Instagram.

Maybe I’ve just now opened my “Grow Your Own Heart Kit” or maybe I’ve just now opened my eyes, but either way I’m getting further now. I’m building bookcases and calling in sick and gaining some weight. I’m taking baths and cleaning my life in every way. That’s progress, right? That’s better than junior prom and friday night football games, right? 

It is, though. So, mainly I just want the world to know that I know what it’s doing now.
And I couldn’t be more excited.

- - - - -


  1. beautifully stated, E.
    i had that same talk about high school and all that matters is the GPA with my uncle tonight.
    your thoughts are beautiful (and so are you)


  2. these pictures are so gorgeous. and i completely agree that all that comes out of high school is your gpa. the people that i've met (except maybe one or two good friends) will be nothing in a few years. unfortunately i don't think that any of my teachers really connected with me, so they'll be forgotten as well. it makes me both sad and happy to think that these four years will be nothing someday. i love the way you write.


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