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1 11 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

It always rains after you wash your car, and when you’re late, you hit all the red lights. Right? Actually, it doesn't. These are assumptions we make, and there are many, many more that exist in our lives aside from these examples. See, when bad/annoying things such as the previously stated examples happen to us, they evoke a negative emotion and we tend to remember them.

I think we can all agree that things that make us feel have an effect on us and make us remember them/form assumptions. However, mainly these are bad things. Such as, when you lose items, are running late, have bad interactions with people, etc. I don’t think life should be lived like that. You know, constantly focusing on the small unfortunate things that happen to us throughout our day. And, theoretically, any behavior/way of thought can be changed. Therefore, allow me to introduce to you my new project. It’s called, simply: 5. 

Everyday (or every time I post) I will say 5 things that I like about that day. Not big things, such as getting an A on a test, or finding a $50 bill on the ground, but just little things we should be noticing, but aren’t. 

For example, today’s 5 is:
1.) Watching the snowflakes drifting through the air with the wind on the fourth floor.
2.) The boots the girl watering the plants was wearing.
3.) The way termites shake when they touch each other.
4.) The color of the world in the wintertime.
5.) Morning radio talk shows.

Join in if you’d like. They say appreciating the small things in life makes you happier person.

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