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Saturday, December 8, 2012

REGARDING THE TITLE: Some man presented this at poetry night. I think it was from a published poem, but alas I can not find it online. So, just know that somewhere out there, this amazing author is hiding his/her talent from us.

This is from forever ago. But, ya know.

-Went to Malawi's with the fam before my grandma and her husband headed back to Spokane. I'm not a fan of cracker-pizza, but their bread sticks are pretty good.

-Hit up a Jazz game with the BF and his fam. Twas a close game. Literally the Jazz won in like the last twenty seconds. And in the twenty seconds before that the Kings (?) got ahead. And in the twenty seconds before that they were tied. Ah. Close game. Close game. I'm actually surprised I even knew what was going on. In other news, the stairs at Whatever That Place Is Called scare me to death. Like, you fall down one and see ya later. You're dead.


Anyways. Here this?

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