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temple square i guess

Saturday, December 29, 2012

As always, these photos and what I am about to say are not related.
Well, actually they sort of are.

All my life I've thought I wanted to move to a big city, and don't get me wrong, I still do, but under a bit different conditions.

So, Saturday night Jakalias and myself rode the Frontrunner to SLC to walk around temple square and shop and eat and whatever. It was fun, it really was. But, also certain things happened to me there that sort of got me feeling funny. This is terrible writing, I'm sorry. I'll try to step it up for the rest of this post.

For example, at one point we were crossing the street and this huge, souped up, hick truck blazed past us after the light turned green. It was loud and they were yelling out the window, and it just sort of made me realize that even though Salt Lake is a big city and the capitol, it's still Utah and there are still hick people here. Yes, it is a step up from Utah county, but it's not Chicago or Seattle status. 

Also, I realized that living in the city by myself wouldn't be fun. I mean, going to City Creek is fun, but what would I do there by myself? Buy my own dinner and then return to my own apartment and spend the night by myself? I mean, the city would be fun and everything, but I'd rather be with people I know and do things here.

All of this is leading up to a couple life decisions I have made.
I am moving home.
I feel like a semi loser being "one of those", but also I need to take advantage of this stage of life. I'm not married, or tied to anything as far as work/school is concerned I need to take advantage of the fact that I can live at home and get to school in twenty minutes. I'll save so much money this way and be able to do more art and be more organized with life in general.

That's pretty much it.
I just need to focus more on what's happening right now and really work on prioritizing life. Like I need to work on getting really good grades, and then spend whatever extra free time I have hanging out with Jake.

I have some more little life changing thoughts, but I will post them on tomorrow's post.

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  1. congrats bbygrrl.
    that's a big decision.
    but it'll be good (i promise)
    good luck with your adventures.


  2. Good luck with moving back home and such! I probably wouldn't have moved out of my parents' house for college if they had been a bit nicer to me, haha. Hopefully you have a better relationship with your parents!


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