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blue lemon deliciousness

Monday, December 31, 2012

The sweet potato fries at Blue Lemon and deliciousness everywhere. In case you haven't been there yet, go. Also, the hummus plate is delightful. Anyways.
It's late at night and there is not much to say on here, so pear haps I shall inform you of my plans for post Starbuck's employment, even though that's defeating the purpose of living in the moment.

1.) Paint my nails. Probs going to do them red. Let's be for realz. I would do black, but after wearing all black to work everyday, I could do without that color for a while.
2.) Dye the tips of my hair blue. Which is against my school's dress code, but I need a trim anyways, so might as well.

That's actually it. Wish me luck! My sister refuses to do the blue, so I'm having some customer who had teal hair do it, hopefully it turns out alright. I will post photos when it's done.


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