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i'll wear out the words

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yay for Ikea.
And random taxi cabs with broken bluetooth earpieces outside the doors.
And strange broccoli stuffed animals.
And clothing racks.
And chocolate bars.
And homeless boyfriends.
And adventures exploring new places.
For him.

Anyways. I fell asleep during Super 8. I don't think I am to blame. They needed much more alien action. I mean, it took forever to get to that I felt. But, in other news, World War Z should be amazing. I didn't see any zombies in the trailer, but there were lots of bodies running. Were those zombies or humans? If they were zombies, then it's going to be the hybrid zombies like in 28 Weeks Later, right?

Anyways. Class got cancelled tonight. So, we're going to go check out a little coffee/crystal shop called High Vibes. I secretly think the "crystals" are code for crystal meth. We may or may not die.
If I don't post for a while, make sure to call my mother and remind her of my funeral song. And location.

Pear haps this will be a great find though. I don't know what I'm talking about still.

Oh, but apparently I am become more and more clumsy as time goes on. Today I managed to almost fall down the 50 bazillion cement stairs at south campus. And dismantle a cupboard shelf. Cross your fingers driving goes alright.

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