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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I think it's those people who jump on every band wagon available.

Hey, let's go thrifting and buy some cat sweaters and afterwards drink coffee and talk about how sad we are and take photos at Starbuck's so we can show everyone that we are rebelling against mormon culture and drinking coffee. Oh, and I hate this song. I liked The Naked and Famous way before they were on the radio, but ever since they've gained commercial success I've become less of a fan because they're turning into sellouts. Oh, and let's discuss politics,  because I have a really strong opinion and whatever you say opposing my view is wrong. By the way, have you read this book? Yeah? Me either. I just like to instagram it and pretend like I read, when in reality I spend my free time stalking other people's lives on Facebook so I can make sure I'm following all the current trends like the perfect little robot.

Ok. Maybe that was harsh. But, seriously. I have absolutely no problem with people who do the aforementioned things. But, only if they are doing them for themselves, not because it's "trendy". Same goes for boys who try to pretend like they are super into sports. YOU'RE NOT INTO SPORTS. YOU LIKE READING GET OVER IT.

Vise versa too. I mean, if a guy is sport, then be sporty! Don't try to be all intellectual if it's not what you're interested in. 

And girls. Girls, girls, girls, girls. Stop trying to make everyone like you. I mean, those who want you, will come to you. You don't need to pretend to understand baseball or have a vast knowledge of World of Warcraft. Go shopping or go play volleyball or whatever else it is that YOU ARE ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN. Being fake is a no bueno situation.

It's just sad that the world puts so much pressure on people that they feel the need to change who they are. I know it's cliche, but people's quirks are what makes them interesting humans. You can't be original by being like someone else, so don't try to begin with! Everyone has their qualities, and in my opinion, everyone needs to embrace them instead of shutting them up in the closet.

People want to know who we are and what we're passionate about. Not who we're trying to be.

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