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Saturday, September 22, 2012

+organizing pennies in every way possible for an hour and a half
+movie hopping

Well, my life is falling apart. How you may ask?

1.) Sold my iPhone and forgot to get all my stuff off of it
2.) Have to wait until Thursday to get a new one
3.) Can't access my voicemail
4.) Spent Friday and Saturday fixing my bike, only to not be able to get it into my car. Therefore, I will not even have it until later, so this weekend has been wasted.

It sucks, but I will manage. There are worse things happening in the world. On the bright side...

1.) I have Photoshop now.
2.) My bike is finished.
3.) I got all my packages.
4.) Starbuck's called me for an interview.

It would not be my preference to work in American Fork... but I might not have a choice! We will see my friends, we will see.

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