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can't help lookin' back

Thursday, September 20, 2012

+a sleepy campus, excuse the grain

I called some boys rapists today. 

It didn't go over too well. 

Like, it's my fault or something? We are the ones getting raped. I think we deserve a little lenience. 

Ok, if we are being honest, it was more like this:
"Well, I'm going to go. I'm not a fan of walking home in the dark and possibly being raped."
"Oh, did you get a rape whistle on your pillow?"
"Yeah, I have two."
"Lucky! We didn't get any!"
"It's because you're the potential rapists!"

Get over it males. You are rapists. That's that.
Hasty generalization? Yes, most definitely. But, it doesn't matter. Rape is rape and grapes are grapes. There's no getting around those facts.

Clearly, it is 12:52 AM and my mind is no longer functioning.

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