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Riverside Avenue

Monday, August 13, 2012

+at Rockwood Bakery. 8oz chai and a cranberry orange scone. best way to start the day.
+no comment on the rest.

Well, I'm all ready for college. Bring on the awkward first conversations and empty bank accounts. I hate shaking people's hands. I feel like I've had to shake a lot of hands lately, and previously to lately I felt like it always went alright. But lately, it's just been weird. Maybe I'm not being firm enough. That could be a legit thing. I feel like the whole concept of holding someone's hand when you first meet them is strange. LOLZZZZZ remember Mr. Tumnus? From The Chronicles of Narnia? When Lucy first gets to Narnia and she holds out her hand for him to shake, "you shake it" "why?" "I don't know!!!"

That's by far the best scene in the movie. Little Lucy. What's not to love. 

I think I'm going to start watching Breaking Bad. I need a new show. I watch Pretty Little Liars, Awkward., and New Girl pretty faithfully. But, they are week to week, and I want one that has a couple seasons out already. I freaking wish The Walking Dead was on Netflix. Season two, I mean. Bawl my eyes out.

Anyways, are there any amazing television series I'm missing out on? Don't even mention Dawson's Creek. Been there, done that.

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