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"And he knew he'd been dead for a while" -some painting at Muse Music

Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's all be empty together. Let's all be empty and swap our stories of mental breakdowns and pretend like we learned something.

Like when you told me about the time you smoked weed, or when I watched you get drunk, or when you turned into a whore, or when you went back to your pre-rehab state. Let's pretend like those things actually changed you. We know they were supposed to have some impact, but we just can't decided what impact it had. I know what I want it to be, and you know what you want it to be. I don't know if those are the same things, though. 
And now? You're faking it. You're faking it with each person you talk to and with each person you become. You're spending all your money on masks that no one likes. You don't need them, because your face isn't a skeleton. Your face is flesh. And putting a flesh mask on a flesh face just doesn't make any sense. You're not dead and no matter how hard you try to be empty, you're just going to keep filling yourself up. It's how humans are.

So, go ahead and rip your chest open so I can see your favorite cave. Shove your ribless emptiness into my face. Convince me that you are incapable of love. Tell me you deserve to be alone. Make sure I know there's no emotional connection. Cry alone in your room, because you think no one cares. Push everyone away and call it commitment issues when really you just don't care about anyone, because you're too wrapped up in yourself. Do all of those things. It doesn't matter to me.

You look good tonight and so does the sunset. The sunset is always beautiful, and if you can't count on anything else, count on that, would you? The world isn't as ugly as you make it. Yeah, those people we talked about once really do suck. A lot of people really do suck. But, you don't and I don't. We're all pretty great. So, stop condemning humanity, would you?

No one is going to hike to see your cave of emptiness. The mountain is made of sand and not the most stable thing in the world. So, come down and meet us halfway, would you?


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