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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I feel like blogging about my days is pointless, because I'm pretty sure only one person reads this. But, there isn't really anything else to blog about, considering I'm done with the whole anonymous addressing thing. I feel like that just gets messy, ya know? People are always thinking things are about them when they're not, and when they are about someone, it turns out they don't even know your blog url. But, I got kissed in the end, so it turned out alright.

Anyways. These photos are from foreverrrrrrrrr ago. (Reality check: a week or two.) A giant and I attended the Salt Lake arts festival. It was quite enjoyable. I don't even know where to start, as far as artist are concerned. 

There was a man named Blake Palmer who had a painting called Red Cloud. It's a shame though, because I can't find it anywhere on his website, or on the internet. Also, I didn't even write the quote down, so I can't tell you what it said. I bought the most adorable mug from Barbara Schaecher, though. It's formed pefectly for the hand!! She had a great selection of mugs, and all of them were perfect. Buy some. But all of them. Your hot drinks will thank you. As will your hands. There was a booth by Shawn Harris and all of his pieces were 3D. It was super interesting. He said he used three programs to make them, one of which was Photoshop. Yay for Photoshop! I almost liked the way they looked without the glasses better, though. Either way, they were pear haps the most interesting of the night. 3D never fails to blow my mind. The artist was a very cool man as well. He had a beard and modeled for my favorite piece of his. It was him in a fish bowl wearing a childs blow up tube. I challenge you to find it. IT IS SO GREAT. Tanya Doskova was also really interesting. All of her paintings were symbolic. I think that all paintings are symbolic, but hers actually had explanations. There was this one that was like, a metaphor for the twenty first century. It was absolute craziness, haha. This painting of Gabe Leonard's was one of my favorites. The first one, of the woman smoking.

But, I'm not going to lie. My heart was stolen at booth 12. Kendra Baird. I can't even breathe. Her paintings are PHENOMENAL. The dripping, the umbrellas, the fading. I just... gahhhhh. I can't even handle it. Into The Rain is going to be the first original I purchase. Except, I'm pretty sure it's already sold. Regardless, it was the most beautiful piece at the whole festival. Congratulations, Kendra. You have earned the #2 spot on my list of favorite paintings.

Anyways, I feel like I'm done with that rant. We got some fries and ate them while listening to spoken word. They were not my taste, at first. Super lovey dovey. Although, there was one line that I absolutely loved. "I'll make you beautiful, because I'm not." Isn't that gorgeous? I love it. Then, she performed some darker ones, which I loved, of course. "She is drinking me" was one of my favorite lines. I wish she had videos on youtube, or something, so you could watch for yourself, but whatever.

Anyways, that's pretty much it. Go to the arts festival next year, it's a real great thing. 

I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is my last day of work, before my day off. I MADE IT THROUGH 17 DAYS OF WORK. I almost can't believe I'm still living. But, it would appear I am. 

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"I just wish I cried at beautiful things."


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