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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photo overload.
I know.

I'm not sorry.

I guess I'm just really into black and white photos lately. Also, I discovered fire... man. I could photograph fire all night and love every single photo.

Anyways. I guess I'll tell about my weekend now, so if you don't care then skip this paragraph, but read the next. So, Friday night we went to HobNob's last show. I know my friends are going to read this, but I have to say it. Those shows scare the hell out of me!! I mean, I guess it's not scary in real life. But, skanking (youtube search that if you don't know what it is) is scary. And those circle things they do, are scary as well! I'm always scared I'm going to get trampled ha ha. When HobNob was playing, I kept getting scared the crowd was going to show me into the band playing and then I'd ruin everything. It is fun though. I mean, it's terrifying, but it's fun. Kind of like... skydiving. Even though I've never been. So that's actually a terrible simile. Anyways, then after the show we went to Dee's and I ate some fries (which look completely unappetizing in black and white I might add). Then, on Saturday I took my friend's senior photos, which I will talk more about later. After that we went to another friend's house and had a social gathering with great people. The girl with glasses and short hair has the voice of an angel. I've changed my funeral song to Waiting On An Angel by Ben Harper, and I sort of want to die tomorrow, just so she can sing it at my funeral. Anyways, we roasted marshmallows and attempted to do henna, but one tube was clogged, one was way too hard, and one was too oily. So, none of our hennas really turned out. Annnnnnnnd, that was pretty much my weekend.

Alright, so, I was going to do an AP art portfolio, but I didn't get any paintings done really, so I decided not to. However, this morning the most brilliant thought came in to my head. I SHOULD DO IT WITH PHOTOGRAPHY! I mean, that's sooooo much easier. I've decided to concentrate on skeletons. My stomach flip flops even telling you guys that, because I am so super in love with this idea, I don't want anyone to steal it. And, I know, I know, that's like super weird a possessive and it's not like I'm the only one who's ever had that idea before, but I know how certain people at my school work (and I'm not referring to you)and it just makes me nervous, saying my ideas before I've executed them.

However, I do need people to be part of my project. So, if you live in Provo or Salt Lake or between and would like to participate, email me at projectadoration@hotmail.com and I'll give you more information. 

In other news, like I said earlier, I took my friend's senior photos. I'm not done editing them yet, but I'm sure when I'm done she will post them on her blog. So, I'll give you folks a link to that when they go up.

Well, that's pretty much it. If you are reading this and it's Monday, go to Beans and Brews and get a $2 mocha.

I really hope you folks have a lovely day. I wish I knew you all personally, because I'm sure you're the greatest people. I feel like sharing a secret, so I'll tell you something: Actually, if my mother got word I'd be in trouble. You'll have to wait until fall starts and I'm out of her disciplining range. ;).



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