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Maui, Hawaii

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I wore a strapless swimsuit yesterday. Not the best idea. While boogie boarding a huge wave decided it was necessary to flip me around multiple times underwater. Also, my swim top fell down to my hips. As it turns out, trying to flip your swimsuit right side out and pull it up, all at the same time is pretty hard. It adds to the challenge when the water is being pulled back into the ocean and your special friends are exposed to the entire beach.

But, on a less uncomfortable note I went to see The Woman In Black as well. Let me just say: GREATEST FILM OF THE YEAR. I was seriously shocked. I already had high expectations going in, and they were well met. Even exceeded. 

We're going whale watching today. I'm scared the boat is going to capsize and we're all going to drown. I tried snorkeling from the shore yesterday, but I kept getting scared when I couldn't touch anymore. My mother didn't believe me until now when I said I was scared of open water. 

Well, I'm going to do 8 pages of my seminary packet now. Gotta meet the quota. 

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