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He walked right out the front door.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sometimes confrontation is too much. And I"m not referring to the kind you have with your cheating (now) ex-boyfriend or from-hell roommate. I'm talking about the kind we have with ourselves. It's tough and it sucks and it scares us to death. It nags at us everyday and dares us to evaluate our lives. It tries to make us change, but of course, we don't like change. So, we avoid it. We shut it out. We pretend like we're doing awesome as we are.

And you know what? Maybe, we are doing awesome as we are. Maybe everything is exactly how it should be. But let me tell you something. When your 12 steps are taller than your toes, maybe you should stop and close your eyes. Just for a second. And think about that time when that person you love believed you when you said  you'd try.

But I guess even moving eyelids is too hard for some people.


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