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Festival of Lights

Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday night, three of my friends and I went to the Festival of Lights at the Krishna temple. I don't know why more people don't go. It's reallllly pretty, and more fun than the Festival of Colors.
Well, no. Nothing is more fun than the Festival of Colors.

The temple has two levels. This is the entrance, which leads up to the worshipping level. Then, below it there is a gift shop and a place where people can eat.

This is the pond. The idea behind Diwali/Festival of Lights is the households light up their windows to bring in the best for the year to come. It also marks the return of the God Sri Rama (he was exiled for 14 years). So, they are also welcoming him home by brightening their city.

People light lamps and make wishes for the new year. I guess it's kind of an Indian New Year/Thanksgiving celebration. It's really a great tradition though, and the idea of floating your wish away is so beautiful.

Of course they had their little band playing. I swear to you, every time I come from on of their festivals all I sing for the next two weeks is "holli holli Krishna".

Ok. They had these fireworks that made the strangest noise! It soundd like a cat... being stepped on? I don't know. Maybe they were a special Indian firework!

I would tell you what I wished for, but I don't really know the guidelines. And I'm scared my wish will be jeopardized.

You can't wear shoes inside the temple. I feel like it makes everyone bond more ha ha

Ok! He could legitimately talk! These two little kids were telling us how they had a conversation with him earlier, but we thought they were joking. Um, ya. They weren't. Oh, and if you put your finger by his cage, he will hold it! Go and see for yourself!

So, I try not to post photos of my whole face.
Don't ask why.
But this one is too good not to. As we were walking out of the temple, I stopped to take a photo of the man to my left leading an Indian cow. The Indian man saw me, an told me to come help. He was soooo funny! I showed me how to hold the leash, and then lead us to the pen! My cow kept merging to the left, because he wanted to visit the llamas. I told the Indian man this, and he said, (say in Indian accent) "Oh!! He loves the llamas. Look! There they are! HELLO LLAMAS!!"
That's pretty much how my weekend went. Friday was spent doing nothing. I went shopping with my mom for India supplies. Can you believe I leave in 12 days?! Me either.
Well, I'm watching Criminal Minds, and it's actually very engaging. Watch episode 135-Sense Memory.

I have no idea what the guy's problem is for once!!



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