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This is way beyond my remote concern of being condescending.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I don't know.

I only feel comfortable walking around in a bath towel when it's white, black, or deep red. I feel like anything else is tacky.

I think I'm just going to keep typing and see what I end up writing. One of my English teachers once said that's what great writers do, because then nothing is forced and pretentious. 
And I hate things that are forced and pretentious.

I think I'm going to vandalize something tonight. 
It just sounds like it would really float my boat.

I need to call my grandma, because I have a new plan. I can get a driver's license for the state of Washington, and say that I am living with my grandma. That way, I will have residency and can attend the University of Washington without having to pay out of state tuition. I won't actually live with her though, I will move back home. 
Sketchy? Perhaps. 

I just really want to move out of here! I don't usually use exclamation points, so that should mean something to you. Not that I don't love my family and my friends, but I just need a change. I need to be in a place that actually has some sort of precipitation.

Bon Iver makes me feel like I should be in my twenties. And I mean that in the best way possible.

I got lost on my way home from Salt Lake City. I hate Lone Peak. HATE. Ask me why. (Emily, why do you hate Lone Peak?) Well, let me tell you. My mother went into the grocery store across from Lone Peak a couple months ago. It was during their lunch. She was literally in there for not even ten minutes, and when she came back out her GPS had been stolen. That's why I hate them. I mean, ok. Maybe she should have locked her doors, but honestly. Go ask your dad for money to buy drugs, don't break into people's personal property. It's just inconsiderate. 

Well, I feel like that's everything I have to say.

Maybe one of these times I will crank out something that is actually worth reading. Until then, eat some jalapeno Cheetos; they're delicious. 

Also, pierce your nose, because my mother won't let me.


P.S. Isn't my new owl ring lovely? I just adore it.


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