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What if your entire reality was just a figment of your imagination and right now you are locked inside a padded room because you are crazy?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

These are the things I think about.
So, I'm sitting in my sister's living room and it's 1 in the morning. Her and her husband walk out of their room (he wearing a robe, she wearing a legitimate night gown(pastel, long-sleeve, rose patterned and all)) to get a midnight snack. How adorable is that. Ah, to be married and hungry.

Anyways. I went thrifting in OPELIKA the other day, and it was incredible. Like Kirstie Alley losing 100 pounds incredible.
Never in my life have I felt as strong of a connection with an old, bald stranger as I felt with the old man at the antique shop. It was real, guys.

I am WAY too into Dawson's Creek. I literally told Dawson to burn in hell and meant it... but then I realized he wasn't real.
I need friends.

Here is my new dress and lace cardigan. The last two are my favorite.
Enjoy the fourth of July my lovelies.

(Which are kisses and which are hugs?)

p.s. My sister convinced me women get a third nipple when they are breast feeding. Watch out for that.


  1. pretty pretty girl. totes smitten with that dress & lovely cardigan. hopefully i'll have a little summer frock headed your way soon!!

    autumn jordan

  2. When I was a little kid I used to wonder if my life was just a story someone was reading their kid at bedtime. I was a deep 5 year old - haha.

  3. Such a cute outfit! Amazing! I love the lace cardigan! Your pictures are so gorgeous too. I love your writing style, it is very witty and fun to read. I am very glad I stumbled upon this blog! Your fashion sense is impeccable and I am so envious of your clothes!
    Do you want to follow each other? :D
    Let me know!



  4. Love this post and the ideas behind it! x


  5. I love your blog! Lets follow each other!
    Your photographer is amazing.
    your so cute!
    p.s. i love horses!

  6. another post!
    i have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award, just look at my blog to see what to do!



  7. love these photos so artistic!

    your dress is really cute!

    kisses <3


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