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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tell me all the things you've never said.

I love the fact that someone found my blog through the keywords, "weird garage sale".

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's time to be real with you.

"If I don't say this now, I will surely break."
(For some reason this song makes me thing of mowing my lawn in the summer and that one time my mother took my brother and his friends skiing.)

This line makes me think of girl's camp. Every time the last night rolls around I have so much I want to say.
 And every time my mouth refuses to open.
 I always thought it was because I would bawl uncontrollably. But this last time I opened my mouth and the only words that came out were lame, thankful, and completely lacking of any actual emotion.
It was a very anti-climatic moment for me.
I didn't cry. I didn't shake. I didn't feel anything.

But I guess that's just how it goes sometimes.

I seem to cry only when I think about that time I failed that thing and how it's all my fault and how when in the future someone will ask me "what would you change if you could change anything?" and I will say "nothing, because everything has made me who I am today" but, deep down I will be thinking "anyone who says the fore mentioned sentence is dangerously pretentious and lying straight to your face".

"The things that are keeping you here are not keeping me here."
Sometimes, I see the things people care about and I want to stab my eyes out with my wand.
Didn't you know I'm a wizard?

"And while she looked so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her when she smiles."
This song will forever remind me of my childhood. Particularly, that one Summer day we were driving on the scary-as-_______  road with the huge drop off and the mountains looked absolutely gorgeous and I didn't mind the fact we might fall off the edge.
Also, It makes me think of how some girls want to be all sad and depressed, because they think they can prove something to someone or get someone to like them.
To me that's the dumbest thing in the entire world. And a complete misreading of those stupid movies on Lifetime and ABC Family.

"I need you more than you know now."
I don't think anyone really knows how much their needed. I have a whole ton of people who I see in real life and just love. And they don't even know I exist.
I think that's how most of us are. There's so many people who are looking at us and we don't even know the difference we're making in their lives by just existing.

"My life's floating in those waves."
If we're being completely honest here, I had to google the lyrics to this song, because I don't listen to Milosh.
It reminds me of that one boy who everyone was in love with, who chose me when I was a little sophomore and all confused and flustered at the game, who I skipped French class with that one time, so he could play the piano and tell me a story, who's concert I attended, and who made my friends a lot more interested in me (to the point where they suspiciously wanted to go to a concert or to sit with me at lunch or to talk to me in the library).

It just makes me think of awkward moments with cars and non-kissing and then kissing and calling my sister to tell her about it even though I'm pretty sure it didn't even count.
Typically, I avoid this band because it just makes me start laughing to the point when I hide my face in my  hands, because I am so incredibly embarrassed I can't even stand to think about it.
Oh, the joys of High School.

Sarah Barrus, I took your challenge.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grandmas rock my socks.

Granny Chic Week = most productive thing I've done all summer

Screen shot 2011-07-14 at 11.27.00 PM.png

p.s. Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood is the greatest show. It has Mrs. Goldfarb  (Requiem for a Dream) , Missy (Joey's sister from Dawson's Creek), Professor Mcgonagall, and the old guy in The Notebook.

Little did I know, that when I clicked "add to instant queue (<--- totally had to pause, exit the film, and look for how to spell that)" I was really clicking "add to my heart".

Go eat a marshmallow. You deserve it.


A Nightingale No Longer Singing

These photos were taken while a friend and I walked home from school one day. It ended up taking a lot longer than we originally thought, so we stopped at the amphitheater and rested. We both really liked Amy Winehouse. We thought that even though her appearance and act were out of control, her music was phenomenal. I think it's really hard for musicians to be original these days. You have basically three types.
  1. The songs about depression and how life is just so hard.
  2. The songs about happiness and how life is just so wonderful.
  3. The songs about nothing and how fun it is to repeat words.
  4. Then you have the few musicians who sing pure truth, not because they want to prove something to the world, or showcase their talent, but because they want to express themselves FOR themselves.

That, my friends, is the type of musician Amy Winehouse was. Some people rage about her terrible performances, or the fact that she canceled her tour to get her act together.

But I applaud her.
She didn't care because her music wasn't made for us. It was made for her.

And quite honestly, I think that's the way it should be.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

I want my money back.

Hey guys.
It's been a while.

I finally got my film roll developed and I love film so much. I always forget what I take pictures of, so then when I get it each photo is like a forgotten memory (sorry for the uncomfortable simile, it's what Lifetime does to you).

I've actually just been doing a lot of art lately. I recently bought a dress from D.I. that I'm remaking, it should be done tonight, so (fingers crossed) I'll take pictures tomorrow.

I also spray painted my bike! It's so adorable! I'll post pictures of that later as well, because I know you're all dying to see.


Ok. Monday, a friend and I went to Deseret Industries to shop around for the perfect old lady dress to upcycle.
We happened upon three.

1.) A long chiffon dress printed with red, yellow, and black flowers.
2.) A long, cotton, pink dress with white polka dots and fake pockets.
3.) A long sleeve white dress with a beautiful ruffle down the middle.

I came home, and then went out to lunch with my mother. The entire time I was jabbering on about how much I loved my dresses and how excited I was to start upcycling them (or just to do something with my life (I'm sorry for all the people who are reading this and who are thinking "wow! how annoying! I have so much to do!", I will gladly do any of your to-dos for you)).

We arrive home.

I take out the floral dress. I show her. She loves it.
I take out the dotted dress. I show her. She loves it.
I take out the white dress. I show her. She pulls a very strange face and buries her face in her hands.

Guess who just bought their mom's old temple dress?

(for those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically like a wedding dress.... and my parent's are divorced.... which makes this crazy awkward.)

Goodbye dreams of frolicking in the meadow with yellow butterflies and beautiful clothing.
You have just been forever tarnished by the black tar of unfortunate events and new knowledge.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear future husband.

This will apply to you.

I shaved my head.

I've been watching Lifetime movies as of late. You know, the really good quality ones with the quality actors and the quality music and the quality plots?

I find them so enjoyable, I have decided to start reviewing them. You know, just because I never leave the house to take any photos or even get ready these days.

Actually, I dropped off a film roll to get developed but the GREAT PEOPLE have not developed it yet... four days after they said it would be done.
we are to play the waiting game dear friends.

Feel free to comment with your own review if you have seen any of these (or to go and rent them, ow ow!).
I am actually not 100% positive where that "ow ow" came from, or what it's supposed to mean. I'm sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable.

(Also, I didn't really shave my head. Sorry.)

Accused At 17:
Lifetime movie rating - ****

Plot - A teenager is accused of murdering a classmate and claims that she was framed by her best friend. Her mother must try to find the truth.


This girl (above) is the reason you should watch this film. Keep and eye out for her... she makes the movie.

My personal reaction to this film was "Cool. What better ways could I have spent the last 90 minutes?
I could have cleaned my room, made a delicious cake complete with frosting and a photo of Cameron Mitchell on the face, done a complete oral care routine three times, spoken with multiple cashiers and multiple shops, or bonded with my dog through an enjoyable walk and picnic.

Instead, I watched a crazy girl with curiously dark eyebrows (fake? what?) murder someone, friends betray each other, redemption restore relationships (Mr. Popper's Penguins anyone?), and A KILLER BE CAUGHT.
It was intense folks.
No gonna lie.

I mean, I would still like those 90 minutes back.
But seeing as how that's impossible,
I have agreed to live humbly with the events that occurred.

Do yourself a favor.
Only watch this film, or, for that matter, any other Lifetime film if you have absolutely no expectations for how it will turn out.

Monday, July 11, 2011

For Shelbie.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What if your entire reality was just a figment of your imagination and right now you are locked inside a padded room because you are crazy?

These are the things I think about.
So, I'm sitting in my sister's living room and it's 1 in the morning. Her and her husband walk out of their room (he wearing a robe, she wearing a legitimate night gown(pastel, long-sleeve, rose patterned and all)) to get a midnight snack. How adorable is that. Ah, to be married and hungry.

Anyways. I went thrifting in OPELIKA the other day, and it was incredible. Like Kirstie Alley losing 100 pounds incredible.
Never in my life have I felt as strong of a connection with an old, bald stranger as I felt with the old man at the antique shop. It was real, guys.

I am WAY too into Dawson's Creek. I literally told Dawson to burn in hell and meant it... but then I realized he wasn't real.
I need friends.

Here is my new dress and lace cardigan. The last two are my favorite.
Enjoy the fourth of July my lovelies.

(Which are kisses and which are hugs?)

p.s. My sister convinced me women get a third nipple when they are breast feeding. Watch out for that.

Friday, July 1, 2011

For some reason it seems like everyone on Dawson's Creek has lazy eyes.

Hey guys.
Fourth of July is bomb and I cannot wait. It's my second favorite holiday.
Also, I hate it in movies where the actors are talking and kissing, but they kiss in between each word.
You know?

girl: we need (kiss) to go (kiss)
boy: don't worry (kiss) the horses can take care of (kiss) themselves.
(end example.)

Joey and Pacey. Poey? Jacey? We'll think on it.

Thrifting in Opelika is amazing.
I got a straw hat for $2.
Leather bag $15, black dress $10, and lace overlay $12.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow after the PHOTOSHOOT IN THE WOODS.

Check it fellows.

Harry Potter is coming up.
As is my fettechini.
Too much. Blick.