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an actual outfit post. for once.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seeing as how I'm part of Mormon FASHION bloggers and Independent FASHION bloggers, I decided it was only fitting that I actually did an outfit post.
Awkward, but necessary.
I finally cleaned out my closet room and set up a whole little section where I can take photos of my outfit. SCORE.
Look forward to it folks.

Ugly faces and awkward dancing.
Always a turn on.

I'll be honest with you all. I didn't realize how awkward a outfit photo shoot actually is until I did one. I had to put on some Ting Tings and Plastiscines to eliminate the uncomfortableness of it all.
I have now been singing "Shut up and let me go" literally everywhere I go.
Maybe I bought the ring tone as well.

(At the snow shack getting a snow cone)
Girl: "I like your tights!"
Me: "Thank you!
Girl: (says nothing) (continues to stare at legs/outfit)
Me: (purchase snow cone. sneak a look at the girl. yep. still staring.) "Cool."

Folks. Only ONE MORE DAY until I can interact with this beautiful creature on a daily basis.
Only ONE MORE DAY until I can interact with this beautiful creature's GORGEOUS CHILD.
It's a wonder I can even hold still right now.

There was literally no one at school today. I asked my teachers if I needed to stay and they all said no. My friend and I wandered at Target and school. I saw mullet boy and almost told him I had a crush on him, but his beauty stunned me and I lost my chance.
Tomorrow is yearbook day. It will happen then. MARK MY WORDS.
I need to develop my film.
And go to Leavenworth, Washington.

I'm off to clean out my car.
So long dears.
Do something crazy to celebrate the end of school.


  1. this post is so great!!
    i just love this outfit ,it is unique and shows off your personality :)

    kisses <3

  2. I like your tights lol they are very cool, I can understand why that girl was still staring at you :)

    My last day of school is tomorrow wooo!

  3. You are such a liar!! I bet I get there and that room is still a disaster!!!
    I really like that second picture... And well all of them.
    If you tell me to shut up and let you go I will slap you.
    Awkward girl!!!
    Oh pee my pants at that picture!!
    Today is the day dear sister!
    Our next sleepover is tonight so please inform me about mullet face.
    I am glad so is out so the likely of you being onery is less!

  4. love the red tights! can't wait to see the place you mentioned on the blog! sounds great :)


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