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Monday, May 30, 2011


Friday, May 27, 2011

All you ever say is blah, blah, blah.

I have missed you.
 We love each other.

Uncomfortable moments:
1. The movie theatre:
My mother and I attended Jane Eyre last weekend. I walk into the theatre and lay my eyes upon the twin boys at my school. They are employees of the theatre. One of them is in my class, and we know each other. The other one I've never met.
As my mother and I get closer and closer to the register, I start to worry more and more about this situation.
     Option #1: Say hello.
     Consequences: 1- Chat for a bit about our crazy teacher and bond.
                                 2- Get a "do I know you?"
     Option #2: Don't say hello.
     Consequences: 1- Be thought of as that girl who pretends she doesn't know school mates outside of school.
                                 2- Be a normal customer.
I ended up standing behind my mother while in line. Luckily we got the other guy who was working the cash register. That's a 33% chance guys!! Karma loves me.

2. Demi Lovato wannabe.
(Emily is sitting quietly at the kitchen counter, painting a self-portrait for painting class. Enter Colton, Emily's older brother.He sits at his computer. Enter Mother, Emily's mother. She sits at the other computer.)
(Some time passes.)
(Colton stands up to pour a glass of water.)
Colton: Hey!! Is that you?
Emily: (Throws down paint brush and leaps from the bar stool. Sings...) "THIS IS REAL. THIS IS ME. I'M EXACTLY WHERE I WANT TO BE!!! (Simultaneously dancing.)
(She stops, expecting laughter. Colton stares, then turns to mother.)
"When's dinner going to be ready?"
"Probably like an hour or two."
Emily: "Gah. Nobody understands my humor." 

My garage sale.... which only made me $100. Boo.
(At least I got to meet super weird people. Always a bonus.)

My room. I decided that when corners are cut off in architecture, it makes me connect with the building. Perhaps that why I love my room so much.

 Coming back from Roxberry, we saw this truck full of balloons. I followed him, but then my friend decided that ship had sailed and we were forced to get gummy worms instead of stalking.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Watch me eat a waffle.

Andy Warhol has nothing on me.

My internet has not been working.

But, I have talked to the boy with the mullet.
And he is just as attractive as I imagined.

Amelie is my favorite movie.
I talk to my dog like she's a human.
I secretly don't want to wear socks tomorrow so I can borrow Shelbie's extra pair.


Only twenty-three short days until I am re-united with my BFF.

Margo is in love with chocolate chip waffles.

Well folks, that's basically the update.

Three questions:
1.) Have you ever peed your pants?
2.) What is your favorite type of cat?
3.) Would you rather see an alien or a unicorn? (Also, why is that not "an" unicorn? English Honors did nothing to prepare me for the confusion I feel at this moment.)

Enjoy your life. 
The world is supposed to end on Saturday.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To the boy with the mullet.

Blogger won't let me upload photos.
(This is from my iPhone.)
Anyone know why?

The Backstreet Boys are still the best.
My India group still completes me.

I still love my sister.
And horses are still... cool.

Vomit on my life. I'm becoming an artist. It's inevitable. Like Bella and Edward. Or Baby and Johnny. Take your pick of cheesy romance movies, but it's happening.

Wonderful vibes coming your way.

Remember, you are in control.

Peace it out my lovely strangers.
Much love.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My hands and knees are bruised and I'm crawling back to you.

So much for not showing my face in any of my photos.
The other one I took got deleted.

Success? Somewhat.
I don't have to patience to make every little thing perfect.
Resulting in ugly ____ buttons and uneven hems.

Some of you may have noticed the title of this post is from a Backstreet Boys song.
Let me confirm your suspicion.
Also, let me inform you of the simple facts that not many citizens are aware of.
Boy bands are a necessity in daily life.
There you have it.
The secret to life.
Where would we be without Savage Garden, Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter, and NSYNC?
Alright folks, let's have a dance party.

Next week.
Bring your best sweater and a pair of dancing shoes.

See you then.