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Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm laying in my bed and sipping Honey Lemon Chamomile tea.
I should be at school.
But I just don't feel like going.

I have this friend.

He got sent to rehab, and while he was in there we wrote to each other.
I decided that it would be a lot cooler if we had a notebook where we could put our artwork and thoughts.
So, I went out and bought a notebook.
Every weekend we would switch.

He started out saying things like, "Ok. Love this idea for writing each other, it totally just... works. It's freaking great. Where do you come up with these freaking sweet ideas?", and drawing pictures of us being best friends.
It was my turn to write this past weekend.
It's towards the end and now all it consists of is, "I've come to the point where I have no idea what to even say anymore. This was sweet at first, but now it's rather pointless".

It's just funny to me. Everyone have this idealistic mind set where everything they like in their life will stay there forever.

I once had another friend and one time when we were talking, I told him that I only kept my "hang out" friends for about five months, because that's how it always went.

He told me that it was because I "friend dumped" people when I got bored of them.
But that isn't the case.
(May I also add that when I am talking about "hang out" friends, I am referring to my friends who are boys. I have now come to the conclusion that it only lasted five months or less because I didn't want the friendship to progress to more. Therefore, the boy decided that he actually didn't want a friend, and wanted a girlfriend, and that when I said I just wanted to be friends, I wasn't meaning "wait a while". Once again, miscommunication.)

The truth is that everything fades, and some people can't accept that, so they lie to themselves and say "best friends forever". Which will never happen, because everyone grows up and leaves high school and realizes that all those things they thought they had in common were just conversation fillers. 

I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, it's just something that has to happen in order to progress in your life. 
It's just too bad how some people go about it.

 The girl you went to Park City with hasn't talked to you in three years.
The best friend who you did everything with has a new best friend.
That  kid you went on three dates with doesn't say hi when you see him at McDonald's.
The group of friends you hung out with in sixth grade pretend like they don't know you.
Is it too hard to say hello?
Or is that too polite for your taste?



  1. i loved this post,
    i agree with you on everything.
    people grow up and move on, but that doesnt mean they dont exsist!! say hello, it wont kill you.

  2. Love the jacket over the dress.

    Stop by my blog some time :)


  3. This post made me feel very nostalgic! Lovely pictures!

  4. My (ex) best friends and I did the same thing with the notebook, it was so much fun at first, but then it died off and we'd forget to switch off and stuff.

    Your last paragraph is really true, too. My friend group has changed dramatically over the past few years, hopefully this one will stay.

  5. Um.... Do I know who your talkig about in this?
    I Iove you as much as I love a horse.
    That's a lot


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