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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I think I want to take a walk with you.

Vomit everywhere on my life.
102 degree fever. Coughing. MUCUS WHICH I HATE.
And a 9 hour work shift.


I really want to watch a good movie. Any suggestions?

Oh, and also my camera has started this new thing where it doesn't turn on! And it snowed today and is so beautiful! Bawl.

Well folks. That's all for now. I'm doing a nighttime photo shoot tonight!! Cheers!!

I love the snow. And you. And your dog if you have one. Animals are so nice. My dog threw up on my bed this morning. Poor little baby girl.

Also. If you haven't been to Bombay House, go there and get the mango ice cream. You will fall in love.

- Girl in my painting class: "haha! look! it says face!". Me: "that's stupid! haha! why would someone write face? that's not even like, a funny word or something!". Girl in my painting class: "... I think I wrote that last week. It looks like my handwriting.". Me: (silence) "well it's ok if it was you... because... that's just your personality, but like..(rambles on). My thoughts: Emily. Shut up already. You've already screwed up. There's no coming back from this one.

- Me: "Alright. Here's your receipt! Thank you so much!" Tall, awkward proportioned, middle aged, man customer: Thank you.... Emily. (Can you say awkward use of a name?! Delayed as well. I hate my name tag.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've been troubled sleeping.

I made another bow.
Daily ritual coming on?
I think so.

I skipped fourth period today to go to a movie with my mother.
("Emily! You're so cool!!" Yes, I'm aware. Please, no need for flattery.)

It was quite good. If you haven't seen Hanna yet, go!

T-Rickey was feeling left out.

We had breakfast together on Easter morning. It was extremely enjoyable.

She understands me.

- My mother and I went to little cafe to grab a bite to eat. While my mother was ordering, I saw a glass display case with two brownie bites in it. I asked my mother if they were samples. She said yes. I proceeded to lift off the glass top and eat one. The old lady who was helping my mother didn't care at all. It tasted a little weird, but whatever. Then, after my mother got done ordering, the lady went to the back to start making her food. My mother went to the sample display case and grabbed the remaining brownie bite. The old lady saw and started laughing and saying how she didn't know why they had them like that. Then she started telling a story about how one time a woman came in and bought a cinnamon roll and took the display one. My mother and I laughed at this comical story, and just assumed the old lady was being nastalgic, as all old ladies are.
Come to find out, they weren't samples.
They were part of the display.


Next week I will be through with the majority of my finals.
Therefore, my time will be spent sewing clothing and doing photography.

Be excited.
I know I am.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Dawson Leary, why don't you marry me already.


Unfortunately I have been sick.
So I haven't really gotten dressed, or gone out of the house at all for two days. (what?)

But I made this bow headband. I will be making a million more with all my extra fabric. What do you all think I should do with them?

I'm not really sure how many people actually read this, so I don't know if I should do a giveaway?

Help me decide.
I have decision making problems.

Also, I think I should have been born in Capeside so I could meet Dawson Leary and marry him.

Thank heavens for the 90's.
And their ability to create a completely over dramatic, unrealistic, but oh so enjoyable television show.

Watch it.
The we can chat about it over Honey Lemon Chamomile tea and English muffins.

I didn't actually wear this today.
I technically wore it yesterday for ten minutes when I went to rent a film.

Have you seen Hereafter?
I liked it! It's funny to see Matt Damon taking cooking classes and being very...
artistic after seeing him in the Bourne series.

Also, if you haven't already seen Flipped, go watch it! It's super cute and will make you wish it was summer time and you were 12.

Those were the days.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The love I sell you in the evening by the morning won't exist.

I'm laying in my bed and sipping Honey Lemon Chamomile tea.
I should be at school.
But I just don't feel like going.

I have this friend.

He got sent to rehab, and while he was in there we wrote to each other.
I decided that it would be a lot cooler if we had a notebook where we could put our artwork and thoughts.
So, I went out and bought a notebook.
Every weekend we would switch.

He started out saying things like, "Ok. Love this idea for writing each other, it totally just... works. It's freaking great. Where do you come up with these freaking sweet ideas?", and drawing pictures of us being best friends.
It was my turn to write this past weekend.
It's towards the end and now all it consists of is, "I've come to the point where I have no idea what to even say anymore. This was sweet at first, but now it's rather pointless".

It's just funny to me. Everyone have this idealistic mind set where everything they like in their life will stay there forever.

I once had another friend and one time when we were talking, I told him that I only kept my "hang out" friends for about five months, because that's how it always went.

He told me that it was because I "friend dumped" people when I got bored of them.
But that isn't the case.
(May I also add that when I am talking about "hang out" friends, I am referring to my friends who are boys. I have now come to the conclusion that it only lasted five months or less because I didn't want the friendship to progress to more. Therefore, the boy decided that he actually didn't want a friend, and wanted a girlfriend, and that when I said I just wanted to be friends, I wasn't meaning "wait a while". Once again, miscommunication.)

The truth is that everything fades, and some people can't accept that, so they lie to themselves and say "best friends forever". Which will never happen, because everyone grows up and leaves high school and realizes that all those things they thought they had in common were just conversation fillers. 

I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, it's just something that has to happen in order to progress in your life. 
It's just too bad how some people go about it.

 The girl you went to Park City with hasn't talked to you in three years.
The best friend who you did everything with has a new best friend.
That  kid you went on three dates with doesn't say hi when you see him at McDonald's.
The group of friends you hung out with in sixth grade pretend like they don't know you.
Is it too hard to say hello?
Or is that too polite for your taste?


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rainy days are all I have and I keep dreaming in the past.

Special thanks to her for being a gem and using my definition AND photos.
She is lovely, and has the greatest ideas.
I mean, seriously, defining beautiful every Thursday?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'll be yours forever, just tell me when to start.

if you're feeling like you'd like to have your world turned upside down
go on a walk
by yourself
and listen to
the honorary title


Saturday, April 16, 2011


Here's what I don't understand.

You go to the bathroom.
Your hands get germs on them.
You turn on the faucet.
You get germs on the faucet.
You clean your hands with the
automatic soap dispenser.
Then you turn the faucet off.
Therefore, getting the germs from when you turned it on back on your hands.
Then you wave your hands in front of the automatic paper towel dispenser.

But the germs are still on your hand.


Isn't it better to have an automatic faucet instead of an automatic soap dispenser and/or an automatic paper towel dispenser?

It just makes more sense to me.

Without you I would be in misery.

Due to the fact that I did not have internet access for this trip, the following post took place over several days. Saturday, (today), will updated for later tonight when I have had the chance to edit my photographs.
I just learned how to take pictures of moving subjects without them being blurry.
As the boy working at Pac Sun would say, "BONUS".
(I miss him. Maybe I will seek him out and take a photo with him when I hit 15 followers.)


P.S. I'm at the Boise airport right now waiting for my flight to board, and there is a soldier sitting next to me. Sleeping. And snoring. Loudly, with his mouth open. Hahahhahaa I LOVE IT.


Me and my grandmother are now in love with Chows. Look at his little eyes!!! Precious!! If I'm ever super rich, I'm going to buy two of them and have them guard my porch like lions.

I bowled my normal 70.

Apparently, Round Table pizza didn't think the roof was enough protection from the rain. Naturally, one would chose Budweiser umbrella tables for added coverage.


If you're ever in Spokane, you must go to Huckleberry's! It's the greatest store. Everything they have is very earthy. They have a lot of vegetarian and vegan food, and mostly everything is organic or "cage free".  I think their food from the bistro is delicious because it tastes so fresh and free of all grease and oil. Go there!



Friday, April 15, 2011

Some people should not be allowed to have Facebooks. I mean, honestly. All it does is create even less communication in relationships where communication is already practically nonexistent.
Grow up people.
Stop posting everyones dirty laundry to the world, just so you can feel better about your own insecurities.
It's pathetic.
And quite frankly, tiring.
Thank you.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I think I should write science fiction.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am in Washington surrounded by cats. What's not to love?
I will live here.
I promise you.
I will also own a Sphynx cat named Harry or Mr. Arthur.
I can't decide.


I don't get Internet here. So I will be taking a small break. From all the photography.
I've learned how to mobile blog though!! Bonus!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cool Volume II

Remember yesterday?

The shuttle came and got me. There were two other men in there with me who smelled like old, soggy lettuce. Then the driver dropped me off at my neighbors house down the street.

Me and my friend went on a walk. Someone started shooting at us.

We went on a drive. I got pulled over while going down a hill.
I was in my brother-in-laws car. Which still had dealer plates.
I got a ticket.
I have to pay for my ticket with the money I've been saving for my India deadline in June. ($1,500!!)
I called my mom to tell her what happened. She told me to call my brother in law.
I called him. He was pissed.
He told me that he was angry for three reasons. 1.) He was super picky with who drove his vehicles. 2.) He knew I would leave it dirty and not fill it up with gas. 3.) If I got into a crash while driving, his dad's car dealership would get in huge trouble.
He then told me to take it down to Provo when I get home and take it to this car wash place. Pay the 20 or 30 dollars to get it cleaned, and vacuumed. Then, to take it home, park it in the garage, give the keys to my mother, and never drive it again.

Then I went to sleep.

I dreamt of lovely things. Beautiful, even. I assured myself that today would be a better day.

I wake up at 3:30 a.m. to wait for my shuttle. I see them cruise by. They go to my neighbors house again. I chase them down. I get in the car and tell the driver all about my day yesterday (including the shuttle dropping me off at my neighbors house). She tells me I should have corrected the address. Then she makes me sit in the front seat because we were picking up a couple.

We get stuck behind six police cars escorting an over sized load. Which makes an already uncomfortable situation just that much more uncomfortable.

We go to pick up the couple. The driver's manager keeps calling her and saying the customers are pissed. We finally get to the neighborhood, and there aren't any address numbers on the town homes. The driver is pissed because she doesn't know where to go. So, she drives around the block. Her manager calls her and tells her that the customer said the car drove right by her. The driver gets mad and starts going off about how there aren't any numbers on any of the houses and how there isn't a light on.

We finally see the woman. She's waving her hands and literally, yelling. We pull over and pick her up. She rolls her eyes at the driver. The driver informs me how she really feels about this woman. Her manager tells her it's ok.

The customer's mother gets into the car. The customer tries to get into the car but she can't open the door. So, instead of waiting for the driver to do it for her, she rips open my door. She starts mumbling to herself about a unlock button. Then the driver tells her to pull it towards herself. She gives up and stands there, so the driver goes over and opens the door for her.

We get ready to leave, and the driver starts to take a right. The customer starts yelling about how that's  not the way to go, and so does the customer's mother. The driver freaks out and stops the car. She says, "Hey now!! Let's not be feisty! I was just wondering how to get out of here! Let's all just calm down and be friendly!". Then the customer's mother starts rambling off about road construction. The customer is pouting. The driver tries to start conversation with them about where they're going. They're not having it.

The rest of the way we all sit in silence.


Cross your fingers my plane doesn't crash, or rip open. Southwest is known to do those types of things.

As my grandmother so greatly put it. "Down with Southwest!!"

P.S. I would have taken photos of all of this, but my camera is in my suitcase. Which was flown to Spokane yesterday.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm at the airport right now.

This morning my alarm clock went off. I thought I hit snooze. Apparently, I hit off.

I'm woken up by my ride to the airport calling my home phone. I literally get out of bed and get in the car.

I arrive at the airport and try to print my boarding pass. It says there are no available flights for my number. I ask the attendant what it's talking about. She informs me that my flight has been canceled. She gets me on another flight tomorrow morning at 6:40 a.m. She prints of my boarding pass for Salt Lake City to Seattle, and then tells me I'll have to wait until twelve thirty to get my boarding pass for Seattle to Spokane.

I start calling people to find a ride home. My mother is in Alabama visiting my sister. My brother is at a pre-Marines camp until ten tonight. The majority of my friend are out of town, and those who aren't live at least 45 minutes away.

I ask the lady about a hotel voucher. She says that hotels don't accept kids who are seventeen. I ask her if I can have one anyways. She says that it's not the airlines, it's the hotels.

So, I go and start calling hotels. I find one that will pick me up in twenty minutes and take me to the airport tomorrow morning as well. I got to the woman to tell her that I need a voucher, and she informs me that they can't give them to minors. I then explain to her that the hotel would accept me. She says that it's the airlines policy.

At this point, I'm on the verge of tears.

I tell her I don't have a way to get home and she tells me to go and wait in this shuttle line until a superrvisor can speak with me.

The supervisor comes over and tells me that they can have a shuttle take me home and pick me up tomorrow.

I'm still waiting for the shuttle to take me home. It's coming at ten, and it takes at least an hour and a half to get to my house, according to the employee.

Also, they're picking me up tomorrow as well. I'm supposed to be ready to go between 4:00 and 4:30 a.m.


Happy Spring Break everyone.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

All I know is that you're so nice.

Uncomfortable Moments of the Day:

- A customer couldn't see very well because he had left his glasses at home. The result of this unfortunate happening was him grabbing my hands along with his bag of popcorn.

- A man made me double check the quarter he gave me to make sure that it wasn't the one that had the "d" on it. Apparently, some quarters have a "d" on them as a result of the stamping machine not stamping them correctly. They are very valuable to coin collectors.

- While coming out from a corner, my coworker decided to scare me. While I was yelling at him saying "OH MY GOSH! YOU SCARED ME!" he decided to also spray me in the face with water.

- As I was trying to say "I'm not wearing hockey pads" (like Batman), I messed up on the word "pads", so I tried to say it again. The second time it came out as a whisper/raspy voice. It's was really strange sounding, so me and Chandler started laughing. While laughing I went to put  my head down on the counter. Which was currently being occupied by a Styrofoam cup of water. Guess what happened next?

- Chandler kept shoving things in my face, resulting in me dropping an entire bowl of butter. And then slipping on it later.

Tomorrow, I will be flying to Spokane, where I will spend the remainder of my week in pure joy.

Huckleberry's, 5 floor Megaplex, Rockwood Bakery, Manito Park, my Grandmother's cats, my Grandmother, my uncle Tyler, strange foods I will most likely be acquainted with, waking up to the sound of pouring rain, seeing hipsters who think they're the coolest thing, Nordstrom, Starbuck's, the downtown mall.

Have a great spring break.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The James Egan Concert::