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Friday, February 11, 2011

One time I took a trip to the city all by myself.

So, I was trying to find where I was supposed to go for my interview and this is where I ended up. The Korean Presbyterian Church. Haha what an odd occurrence.

I decided to eat lunch at the Dancing Cranes. They have a café call Solstice Café and it's really cute. It has the whole posi vibes thing going on.

They had little water fountains and plants everywhere. It was so relaxing.

If I lived in Salt Lake City I would definitely spend my days sitting on this couch. It's would be like Friends... except I don't have any to sit with me. What? Oh.

They even had books for your convenience. Haha notice how all of them or religious or philosophical... and then you get to the complete collection of Harry Potter.

I loved all the artwork every where.

My salad with Cilantro dressing. I give it a 7 out of 10.

A fountain in the middle of the store.

Isn't that the most amazing mural you've ever seen?

This lamp will be the focal point of my future living room. I am honestly in love with it.

Inspirational words at Starbuck's. I love seeing who posts what on the billboard.


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