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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Me and my friends were in a fashion show on Saturday. It was extremely uncomfortable. I think I'd much rather be the designer than the model. This was the DJ. He was the best. He was exactly like Dwight. He kept scratching the discs while the woman was talking... someone was a little over excited.

My future house will not have any main lighting. It will all be from lamps and such light fixtures.

My family's idea of a serious photograph.
Ross. I love you. You made it possible for me to have this glorious piece of artwork for the minimal amount of five dollars.
Photoscape. I love you. You made it possible for me to edit this. The original is black and white and, dare I say, hideous.

Photoscape has become my new go to activity. If you don't have it, I strongly recommend downloading it. It's just like Photoshop... except not.


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