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Thursday, February 3, 2011

If you're wondering what I do on Saturday nights, it's this. In case you would like to participate, I have compiled a step by step how to. Enjoy.
Step #1: Prepare yourself. Listen to He Is We or Fun.
Step #2: Arm yourself. Bring a camera or video camera.
Step #4: Pick your target. Grocery stores are optimal, because you get a wide range of people.
Step #5: Be ugly. This is perhaps the most crucial step. It can be, but is not limited to, running ugly, licking the inside of your mouth constantly while talking, purchasing awkwardly big suckers, flaring your nostrils while talking, sharing ugly smiles with fellow shoppers, and last but  not least, closing your eyes while talking and only say "that's nice".
There you are. A complete step by step list on how to get the most out of your Saturday night. You can thank me later.


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