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February 27 - I went to a concert alone last night.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This was the line. I'm sorry to say that I didn't make any new friends, unless you count the two hefty, lesbian women in front of me (you know, the usual). They liked my camera. But they liked coffee more, and seeing as how they didn't even have tickets, they left shortly after our meeting.

I've never been able to figure out if people actually live in these houses. I know that the owner lives in one, but there's like three other houses that are empty. There's one that's literally RIGHT next to the venue. One time I saw an old man sweeping the porch, like it was his house. I can't imagine an old person living in a house that had concerts going on in the garage next door every night. Maybe, he has sound proof windows. I guess that's a real thing. I went to my friend's house to watch a movie after the concert, and we could have it up as loud as we wanted to because the walls were sound proofed. I wonder how that even works.
Also, every time I type the word sound proof, I accidentally say soundproff. And then have to backspace. Every time.

Still in line... only this is thirty minutes later.

This is where the concert was at. Literally, it is a garage. I looked up for some reason while I was in there, and I could see a garage door that was up on the ceiling.

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The crowd and the stage...  in case you don't recognize...

I moved from where I was starting to begin with (where I'm standing while taking this picture) because the girl next to me wouldn't scoot over. Some people.

The drums begging for Rooney to come out and play.

Do you see the old woman who's digging in the red bag?
Well, at one point I looked over there, and she was pointing her camera at me. She took a picture, put the camera down, and then smiled at me.

The small alley behind the stage for special, small people.

In case you didn't see it the first time, she's allergic to cats.

Eisley decided to turn up an hour after they were supposed to perform. I wasn't a fan of that move.

I sneaked a picture of Rooney's set list. I got to hear the first song, and half of the second. My ride decided they couldn't wait ten minutes for me to see the band I had paid and waited two and a half hours to see. 

Why is this photography blurry? I was running to the car so they wouldn't leave me.
Why did I post it? I feel it depicts my mood at the time. Mostly sadness, but there was some happiness mixed in.
Moral of the story:
Never attend a concert alone unless you know you will not be raped by people's eyes and you know you will be able to stay for the band you paid to see.


  1. I think you left out the part about how we had been there for two hours and your brother in law had a new born baby....


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