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Dog In A Raincoat

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Here's the thing, when we got him he was 1-ish and not horrible on a leash, but not the best. He didn't pull super hard (which if you've ever walked a dog that does pull hard, you know what I mean), but he would pull and walk in front of you and stop and smell the daisies and be all over the place. So, after a while we realized we needed to leash train him (for non-dog people, this basically means teaching your dog to walk right by your side at the speed you set), but then it got VERY cold and it was hard to do. So, it was until recently that I started up on the whole leash training thing again.

I was hearing all these things from all these people about the best way to leash train. TBH a lot of the things they were suggesting were training techniques based on fear or pain (like the spike collars that poke the dog if it pulls or choke collars) and I just didn't like the idea of that (here's a good article about why). Turns out, dogs learn best by POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT instead of punishment. Basically meaning praising and giving your dog treats when they do what you want goes MILES FURTHER than putting them in time out or hitting them. 

Anyway, so I decided to just do things that way and leash train him from a positive reinforcement perspective. Long story short I used a lot of treats, key word "heel", redirecting his attention when he got distracted by having him sit, had J do the exact same thing I did, did it consistently for a week or so, and took it shorter walks at a time. And guess what?! Homeboy is walking like 80% perfect now. 

Idk, I just feel like, so passionate about dogs being well trained and about people training them nicely (say no to spike and choke collars!). Nothing is more annoying than someone's dog like attacking you, or having to babysit a dog that is horrible on a leash (happened to me a lot lol). I guess if you live on a farm or something it probably doesn't matter as much, but I feel like if a dog is going to be around other people a lot it needs to be trained decent. 

Here's the thing with training a dog. Yes it's annoying and hard word, but the end result is so good. Like, I would rather be really annoyed for a few weeks but have a wonderful dog on a leash, than be mildly annoyed for the next 10 years, ya know? 

Anyway, idk why I am posting this and I know for sure some people are going to bite my head off about being anti spike collar, but as is the beauty of the internet lol. I am deciding that if people want to have a genuine conversation about things then I will engage, but if they just want to voice their disagreement I don't really need to respond! Everyone can have their own opinion, so it's a whatever thing. It's just interesting to me how some people feel such a burning need to let other people know they disagree with them lol. But people do it! To each their own!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018
So, as I was saying yesterday, we headed back to Portland to catch our red eye flight. Necessary stops were made at Starbuck's (which we do have here but hey it's good) for a pink drink and Jimmy John's (which we don't have here and miss greatly) for a #6.

In Portland we drove around downtown and went to Cathedral Park. I can't believe how pretty Cathedral Park was!!!! I'll let the photos do the talking.

This hoodie I have been wearing on repeat can be found here!

Our last stop before the airport was Blue Star Donuts! I think I got strawberry basil... or something like that. I remember it being v delicious! J got something poppyseed and said it was ok but not his fave. 

After that, we caught our flight and went home! We got into New York at 7:00am and were welcomed back by the shuttle to our car being late (they were on the other side of this area we were supposed to meet and never called us or told us there was another side lol), our shuttle driver arguing with his boss about money when he was supposed to be getting our car (like literally right in front of us with our car keys in his hand lol #priorities) and some drama at work! We were like, "welcome home!!" lol. Needless to say, our personalities are definitely not made for New York or Connecticut (idk if there are other "mean" states in the northeast, but I am just speaking from my experience). 

Anyway! It was a good little trip and I'm glad we did it! I have two weeks left of my internship and only a few weeks of school after that! So it all really feels so close. I feel like my "real life" is about to begin and I'm excited!

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Monday, April 16, 2018
Last weekend we took a lil trip to Seattle to assess livability. As you know. I am constantly debating between Denver, Seattle, or Portland. We went to Denver a month or so ago, and when we got home we decided we should go to Portland since we have never been there before. So, we booked some tickets. A week or so later, we decided to just move to Seattle and stop all the debates lol. I tried to change the tickets but couldn't. So, we had a red eye to Portland and then drove 3 hours to Seattle lol. It wasn't too bad though and we did have a lot of fun! Without further ado, a day to day breakdown!

Saturday/ April 7th

I guess this is technically Friday night but whatever. So our flight left at 11:00 or something. We ate Chipotle before we dropped Tucker off at his babysitter (the one he has stayed with before and likes! Thank goodness 😅), but true to my personality I wanted a snack. Turns out, THE AIRPORT HAS A BAKED BY MELISSA! They have bite sized macarons and cupcakes, and they are the cutest. Go there.

We got to Portland around 1:00am on Saturday morning and picked up our car rental. People there were so nice!! J and I both agreed our experience with the people at the car rental there were the nicest car rental people we have ever encountered. Also when we were exiting the place, the kid who had to open the gate was so nice. He was asking for our reservation but pronouncing it like, "reserva-sheon" just being weird/funny. The niceness carried on for the whole trip and it was amazing!! Then we came back to the northeast and had like 3 different encounters with mean people over the course of one day and were like, "Welcome to the northeast!!!" lol. 

Anyway, so we got to our Airbnb (click for link) around 4:00 or 5:00 and napped for a few hours. We thought we were going to be super tired, but it actually wasn't that bad! The Airbnb we stayed in was SO CUTE and so cheap!! I would 100% recommend it if you want to visit Seattle.

J had a meeting at 9:00 in Bellevue, so I grabbed breakfast at Third Culture Coffee while I waited. Their hot chocolate and scone was so good! Definitely would recommend. They also had really good coffee shop vibes: good music, cool indoor swings, tall ceilings, modern, etc. 

I walked around the Bellevue Downtown Park. It was so pretty! I don't think we would mind living in Bellevue one day at all!

J finished his meeting and met up with me. There was a group of older men driving row boats with barbies in them around the water lol. It was also such a nice day! It had been raining earlier but it was still warm. That's what I've decided I care about. I would rather have a rainy warm winter day than a sunny 5 degree winter day lol. 

We got hamburgers at Dick's and drove around downtown next. I was hoping driving in Seattle would feel different than driving in New York, and it totally did! I feel like Seattle feels more open with more space. 

On this trip I decided to start a food Instagram, as if 3 Instagrams isn't enough lol. Anyway, you can go follow it here if you want. 

I have been looking at a lot of houses for rent, even though they will all be gone before we move lol. So, we drove around some areas to see what they were like IRL. One thing I love about Seattle is how you can live in a house with a backyard, but be like 15 minutes from the downtown of a huge city. So, I am hoping it will be a good fit.

Of course J wanted to stop at a motorcycle store lol. Surprisingly the guy there was saying a lot of people ride motorcycles year round, even in the rain!

Driving from Seattle to Bellevue has the prettiest bridge! I love how low it is to the water. 


So full disclosure it was vegan, but stop your judgement right there because my very meat eating husband said it was the best Thai food he has ever had. Also it won for the best Thai food in all of Seattle in 2017, including the meat Thai places. So there!

So it's called Araya's Vegetarian Place and it's in Bellevue. We got the Pad Thai with "chicken" (idk what this fake chicken was made of but it was seriously the best I have ever had), fried rice, and mango sticky rice. I used my phone for these photos so they suck, but go look at their website for better photos. And if I could recommend one place in the Seattle area for you to eat, it would be this place. SO PLEASE GO THERE. 

Sunday/ April 8th

Sunday morning we had breakfast with my uncle in Ballard at a place called Stoneburner. I got the dutch baby with rhubarb and would 10/10 recommend. It was so good! I also liked that it was a smaller portion so I could snack on other things later on in the day.

After breakfast, we went to this park (looking at a map now I think it was Golden Gardens Park?). It was so pretty! One thing I didn't like about living in New York was not being able to escape anywhere. Everywhere felt so busy. I loved this park and the idea that I could grab food, and eat in my car at this pretty water view. 

Next we went and did all the typical Seattle things. We went to Pike's and I got my little fruit logs that are soooooo good. 

I contributed to the gum wall. 

I tried Beecher's original mac and cheese and it did not disappoint! I also loved that there was no line and it was ready immediately. 

We ate on the pier and rested for a bit. I really want to ride that Ferris wheel one day. 

Our last stop before heading home for naps was General Porpoise donuts. We got chocolate marshmallow (my fave), vanilla custard, and honey yogurt. They were SO GOOD and also the interior decor there was 100%. 

After our naps we headed back out for dinner. This is what the houses look like there. So cute, huh!? well, they don't all have steep steps in front like that, but they are all cute and little and cottage-like. 

We explored some more neighborhoods we might be interested in living and ended with dinner in West Seattle at Mioposto. I forgot to take a photo of this bread they had, but it was so good! It had rosemary which I am deciding is suchhhhhh a good herb, and an olive oil to dip. We split a Margherita pizza and it was such a perfect amount of food. And also v delicious.

We watched the sun set from Luna Park. From what we saw, I wouldn't mind living in West Seattle one bit! Those views are 😍

We ended the night with Molly Moon's ice cream. I got lavender with sprinkles. The lavender was so good and I would definitely recommend it. I probably wouldn't get the sprinkles again, though. J got strawberry and said, "I've had better but this is really good" so take that how you will lol. 

Monday/ April 9th

We left our cute little cottage and headed out! 

J had some interviews so I went to Storyville Coffee at Pike's Place and did computer things. Their hot chocolate and almond croissant were so good. Also they were really nice and brought around water to everyone who had finished their food/drinks but who were still there working on laptops. 

After J finished his interviews, we met up, hopped in the car, and headed back to Portland! I'll post those pictures tomorrow!

Overall, we had really good impressions of Seattle and feel comfortable aiming for that to be our next move. I am really excited!

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How To Get Rid Of Tourists In Your Photos

Sunday, April 15, 2018
Hi! So I posted this process on my Instagram story the other day and got some requests to save it somewhere where they could refer back. So, here you go! 

In order for this trick to work, you'll need a photo where the background where the tourists are is showing. For example, look below where the three people are. I have one photo where I am in focus but there are 3 tourists, and then another photo where the area with the tourists is clear. 

Step 1. Open one image. Place the other image on top of it. 

Step 2. Make sure your "background" is a layer. You can do this by right clicking and choosing "layer from background". I kept mine labelled "Layer 0" but it doesn't matter.

Step 3. So you'll now have two layers, one with the picture you like but has tourists in it, and another with the wanted background where the tourists are.

Step 4. Rasterize layers. If your "align layers" option is grayed out, you might need to do this! Select both layers and right click.

Step 5. Go to edit, choose "auto-align layers". It will give you a bunch of options, choose "auto".

Step 6. You'll likely see some empty space around the photos. This shows they have been auto aligned.

Step 7. Add a mask to one layer. Invert it (on a Mac this is command+I). 

Step 8. Select the brush tool in white with whatever brush you want. Mine is pictured below. Brush over the parts of the image you want to steal from the image underneath. For me this was the background behind my blurry self in the corner, and then my focused self from the tourist picture.

You can see where I stole one photo and put it onto another here by the white. 

Step 9. Crop it so none of the erased background is showing. And voila! You're done and now have a beautiful image with no annoying tourists! :) 

- - - - -