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01.18.19 - Last Day At My Job!

Friday, January 18, 2019

01.17.19 - My First Car Accident

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Monday, January 14, 2019


Sunday, January 13, 2019
Today was pretty chill! We went to church but then left to get J's car halfway through so I spent the second half of church at home reading and drinking hot chocolate with T. (Side note: We have been training him to wake up later by not feeding him first thing in the morning and I'm pretty sure we both forgot to feed him this morning at all lol. We realized at like 4:00pm... oops!)

I also made this cookie recipe and would recommend it! We skipped the powdered milk and they still turned out super good. I would say the flaked salt DEFINITELY contributed to them being so good. You can get flaked salt at Whole Foods!

I also finished this book today. If you wanna read my book review, be my friend on Good Reads!

Tucker was so cute, but what else is new! Whenever I post pictures like this, keep in mind he stays in these positions for like less than 10 seconds and then leaves lol. When he does lay his head in my lap though, I can definitely see how a therapy dog that did that would be so comforting!

Other things we did today:

Checked out a dog park by our house. I want to start taking Tucker again, but also don't want him to throw up worms again and don't want to buy him the medication to prevent that so alas.

Watched The Resident. If you watched You on Netflix and were strangely attracted to Penn Badgley's character even though he is supposed to be really creepy, watch The Resident on Hulu to repair! It has Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is arguably on the same level as Penn Badgley, but they show him in a creepier light which I wish is what they would have done on You. Hopefully they do a better job on season 2!

We are watching Baywatch right now and I am unsure how I feel? Like the first 5 minutes were pretty quick witted and funny, but I feel like it has been downhill from there. So we'll see!

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Friday, January 11, 2019
I have been pretty bad at daily writing, so I am back dating these lol. 

Friday was pretty good! I had a meeting in the morning, but the person I was supposed to meet with forgot to cancel so I ended up not having it. I don't know if it's an introvert thing or not, but I LOVE when plans get canceled. It's like, free time! So I went to Banbury Cross and got some donuts! I was sad because I thought this was the strawberry coconut but it was just a white chocolate coconut? Anyway, if you go there and have a favorite donut, let me know! So far my favorite donut is the original glaze from Krispy Kreme I'm not even kidding lol. 

Work was work and I've already decided to not ever go into detail once public platforms because it's weird haha. But after work we went to Carls' Junior to try the new Beyond Meat burgers! We used to eat these all the time when we lived in Connecticut and I was so excited to hear that Carl's Junior was carrying them! It was just as good as I thought it would be. You can sub it for any meat patty, but I just got the Famous Star. (Not sponsored, just a fan.)

We watched Mid90's and it honestly triggered me haha. I have talked a lot about it on Instagram, but basically it is categorized as a "comedy/comedy-drama" and I feel like it is DEFINITELY a drama. No comedy involved? So it threw me because I thought I was watching a comedy. Mostly I was sad because I understand the whole "finding family outside your family" thing but I felt like the friends the kid found were really bad influences and like almost get him killed multiple times? So that bothered me. And also there were so many illegal things that I wish would have gotten resolved. I also was sad to see so many kids with horrible home lives then destroying their lives. The social worker in me wanted to help them but the movie just ends and you have no idea if their situations gets better. ANYWAY. I would say I've been in a weird funk for the past 48 hours since watching it so just BEWARE ugh. 

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